The highlights of “La Mañanera”


In his morning conference, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported that as of January 14, there was a record of 259 schools closed due to COVID-19 infections, which represents 0.23 percent of the total educational establishments in the entire country.

“Affected schools, there are 114 thousand, the percentage is 0.23 percent, closed schools 81, schools with affected groups, 178, total, 259 schools. This is the cut we have,” he explained.

In this sense, the president celebrated that the National Autonomous University of Mexico is analyzing the possibility of returning to the classroom.

“Hopefully we continue to participate with face-to-face classes. I even celebrate that the UNAM announced that it is going to begin to analyze, it is going to begin to review if it is convenient to return to face-to-face classes. It’s already progress, it’s already progress,” he said.

  • The president considered that there are political interests behind the accusations of sexual harassment against historian Pedro Salmerón, who was recently proposed to be Mexico’s ambassador to Panama. For this reason, he called for official complaints to be filed with the authorities.

He added that those affected should not be left only with public complaints, as he assured that there are conditions to do it judicially; because otherwise “these are campaigns that can be started and they would not act with justice.”

“Nobody can be judged if there is no process in accordance with the law, if there is no evidence. Imagine an opponent, any people who are not well seen by the information media, they finish them off, destroy them, that is, they are lynching campaigns, so no, denounce. That is the most convenient. Now they have gained more strength because there are political interests, as in everything. The opponents use everything,” he said.

  • After the controversy generated by the case of the temporary adoption of a baby by the Governor of Nuevo León, Samuel García and his wife, Mariana Rodríguez, President López Obrador, President of Mexico, said that should not to have purposes politicians“.

The Mexican president pointed out that, as a result of this case, “we are not going to fight, let each one make his own judgment”, and stressed that he is very happy with the change in mentality in the citizenry regarding this type of public affairs. .

  • President López Obrador announced that his government reached an agreement with the companies in charge of road maintenance so that they reduce the charge in the contracts made with the Federation.

He pointed out that the savings from this negotiation will be used to build roads in the mountains of Guerrero.

“Tomorrow we are going to have a meeting and we are going to save about a billion because an agreement was reached with the companies that received contracts to maintain highways. There is a discount and we are going to use that money, it will be like 3 billion that we are going to use for the mountain of Guerrero”, he declared.

  • President López Obrador reiterated that the Mayan Train will be ready as a transport for tourists, passengers and cargo by the end of 2023.

“We can finish it before our government ends. (…) What we want is to finish it in advance to operate it, leave it operating. Not to deliver it 15 days before we finish, but to be able to operate it from the end of next year”, he remarked.

He announced that in July of the following year the reception of trains will begin and by that time the 1,500 kilometers of railways have to be completed.

He stressed that the expropriations of land that were recently carried out in Quintana Roo were arranged with the owners, for which he thanked them for their collaboration in carrying out the priority project.

Good progress was reported in the four largest sections of the work carried out by Mota Engil, Grupo Carso, Grupo INDI and ICA.

Grupo México and the Ministry of National Defense are responsible for the execution of Escárcega in Tulum and the work will be reinforced when the military engineers complete the General Felipe Ángeles International Airport next March.

“It is not a government work, it is a Mexican work and the businessmen conceive it that way, the people are very happy (…) the people want the train, it is going to help a lot for the entire development of the southeast, it is a great work”, said the president.

  • The federal Executive stressed that thanks to the plan that his government has implemented to prevent the taking of booths, the incidence has been reduced to a minimum and “very important” savings have been generated.

He commented that there were groups that obtained income by keeping the booths occupied, but this situation no longer happens.

“A lot of progress has been made, there are no longer these shots, or they have been reduced, they are at a minimum. (…) Very important savings have been achieved since a plan was launched to release these booths that were taken. We are talking about savings of billions of pesos”, he pointed out.

  • The president made a call to the public servants who direct the Welfare Programs so that they work for the benefit of the population and under the premise of promoting the efforts of the government of the Republic in a coordinated manner.

“Government of public affairs, of all, and we have one goal: to transform Mexico for the benefit of the people. Sometimes it is very difficult to unite all the efforts, to add all the wills in a single direction. It is not that everyone has their agenda or their group, to put it more exaggeratedly, their sect. No. All”, he emphasized.

He reiterated that the administration he heads will continue to conduct himself with austerity and efficiency, so the bureaucratic apparatus will not grow.

He reaffirmed that the promotion, attention and follow-up of beneficiaries of La Escuela es Nuestra, Tandas para el Bienestar, Sembrando Vida, pensions for older adults and children with disabilities, as well as scholarships for students of all school levels, will be strengthened. , through the Welfare Programs Integration Centers.

“It is a bit of a reflection, so that it is understood, that it is not just an agency or a program and that it is explained that we are working together and also do not want intermediaries. We do not want the promoter to go and the promoter to be owed the credit. We want it to be the same people and that they have a card, that there is no intermediation, neither from the government nor from social, non-governmental organizations or from the so-called civil society”, he stressed.

He argued that the inter-institutional union has contributed to facing challenges such as insecurity and the COVID-19 pandemic.


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