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In his morning conference this Thursday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador affirmed that self-sufficiency in oil production has been key to maintaining stability in gasoline and diesel prices in the country, despite the international context.

“The good news is that the prices of fuels or gasoline or diesel are not going to increase. The price of electricity will also be maintained. It is important to know why, unlike other countries, we can keep fuel prices low”, he remarked.

He explained that the export of crude oil to other countries and the increase in the price of oil to one hundred dollars per barrel allows Mexico to have a surplus that it uses to apply a subsidy for the benefit of consumers.

“Of all the countries in the world, around 20, out of more than 200, must produce oil. We are fortunate to have this raw material,” he stressed.

The president acknowledged that most businessmen act responsibly, however, there are focused cases of gas station companies that unjustifiably increase their profit margin. To avoid abuses, the Federal Consumer Protection Office (Profeco) carries out permanent surveillance.

He added that the country has sufficient oil reserves and invests in exploration works, conditions that protect from the effects generated by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

  • However, President López Obrador said he was concerned about a rise in the price of the dollar since the beginning of the month.

“This is war, I had resisted (the weight), and this does worry me, more than a comment by Aguilar Camín.”

Despite this, he said that in Mexico “we are doing well” in the economy, despite external influences.

“Everyone who has to do with finances knows that there are difficult times; Last week, for example, the peso depreciated. Yesterday the dollar already fell, that is, the peso appreciated again in relation to the dollar. It reached 9:35 p.m. and yesterday it already dropped from 21 pesos per dollar. We are doing well, we have done things well”, he stated.

  • The federal Executive pointed out that it not only assumes its responsibility in the murders of journalists, but also works to guarantee it in the country, he said when questioned about the resurgence of these crimes against the journalistic union.

“I am taking responsibility. Not only that, I am working to guarantee peace and tranquility to Mexicans, and of course to protect journalists, nothing more than knowing the background and having a context of what is happening.

“The difference between these unfortunate cases and those from before is that the journalists murdered now, almost all of them, have been victims of criminal organizations that were inherited from a failed policy that began in the 1980s and was maintained for 36 years. neoliberal period. So, those gangs emerged during the neoliberal period, they were even tolerated by the neoliberal governments”, he detailed.

He assured that, unlike other six-year terms, the murders of journalists that have occurred during his administration will not go unpunished, since in all cases there are already detainees, for which he announced that he will present the progress of these investigations.

  • The president announced the letter he sent to his Argentine counterpart, Alberto Fernández, to express the support of the Government of Mexico in the face of the debt situation in which the South American country finds itself.

In this way, he read the letter that was delivered by Dr. Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller to the president of Argentina.

In this sense, the head of the Executive recommended the extension of payment as a solution.

“I, respectfully, because this is a matter for the Argentines, but if they asked me my opinion, I would say that they accept the extension of payment and that there is no moratorium, that this is not going to help, that they do get better conditions with the Fund”, mentioned.

Likewise, he recognized the work of the Argentine government for its work towards the people.

“I am encouraged to know that you are applying a humanistic policy, in favor of the most needy. It is with the majorities that our countries can be transformed », she stated in the letter.

  • The Fourth Section of the Chapultepec Forest is a transcendent and important project for all Mexicans, said President López Obrador.

He explained that the expansion of the area to 744 hectares in total will contribute to environmental preservation and the creation of new cultural spaces.

“This project has a peculiarity: the rescue of the environment, especially water, from the springs of the forest,” he said when leading the presentation of the new complex that will be inaugurated in December 2023.

In this regard, the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, explained that the work ‘Chapultepec Nature and Culture’ will constitute the Fourth Section with 88 hectares that will be added to the 656 already established in the first, second and third sections of the forest.

“It includes an environmental rehabilitation of the entire forest, sanitation, reforestation and, above all, water rescue of many ravines that the forest has, particularly in the third and now fourth section of Chapultepec,” he said.

The creation of the largest cultural forest in the world is a joint effort of the federal government and that of Mexico City, and will mean a total investment of 10 billion pesos, of which 3 billion pesos have been spent to date. .

The Secretary of Culture, Alejandra Frausto Guerrero, stated that ‘Chapultepec Nature and Culture’ “although it is located in this extraordinary capital city, it has an impact on all the states of the Republic, because from it cultural circuits are generated that receive and they detonate cultural activity in the 32 states through calls, circuits and tours”.

The plastic artist Gabriel Orozco assured that the master plan has the objective of integrating the biological diversity of the new space and democratizing it.


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