The highlights of “La Mañanera”


In his morning conference, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador stressed that “There can be no feminism without the struggle for economic and social equality”, which should be at the center of the discussion.

“Women are sublime, and you have to protect and respect and guarantee spaces for participation, and what I have been saying, because that is sometimes left aside, economic equality. There can be no feminism without the fight for economic and social equality, that has to be at the center,” she commented.

Within the framework of International Women’s Day, the president guaranteed free demonstration, but spoke out against violence, which is why fences were placed in the National Palace.

“There is a lot of infiltration from conservatism, from the right, a lot of infiltration, and then what they would like is to make a show of violence, that they could burn the doors of the Palace, even enter the Palace, the Cathedral to make it world news, because they they do not care about the damage they may cause to the country.

“This was saying that they have money to hire a balloon, because they have for that and more. But that is not a problem, that they put up balloons and that they hire bot farms so that it appears on the networks and is widely seen, that is not a problem, and the contents, the protests against femicides, all that is a right, it is freedom , what is wrong is to use violence for political purposes, using a just cause, I repeat, noble. When do these feminists come from here? ”, She detailed.

  • President López Obrador pointed out that an adjustment and review is being made to the resources allocated to the Full-time Schools program, so now said budget will reach parents.

“Yes, it is being attended to and it will depend on the mothers and fathers of the family because the resources will come to them, that is, a readjustment in the management of the budget, we no longer want the budget to go through many instances and sometimes it doesn’t come.

“What we want is to deliver the budget below, to the schools, to the mothers and fathers of families, so that they decide what to do with the budget, the same amount, but that in effect they can verify that there were classes in the afternoons or the hours were extended and that there was food for the children in the schools, not only in a declarative way, that’s all”, he said.

He added that the SEP was riddled with corruption. “This is looking for there to be no —to put it mildly— irregularities… because the SEP was riddled with corruption, like all dependencies, we were already talking yesterday about the electronic boards, the computers, the drinking fountains and also certain handling in favor of those closest to us. to the union, that is what is being seen”.

  • The head of the federal Executive reiterated that the prices of fuel and electricity in Mexico will remain stable despite the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

“It is important for all Mexicans to know that we are not going to have problems with rising prices for fuel or electricity, despite the invasion and the war in Ukraine,” he stressed.

He argued that the actions of the federal government place the country in a better position in relation to oil production.

“We managed to stop the fall that had been taking place in oil extraction for 14 consecutive years; Year after year oil production fell. We stabilized and we are already above how we received it”, he highlighted.

He pointed out that there are sufficient oil reserves thanks to the investment made in exploration work.

“We are obtaining surpluses and they are going to make more of those surpluses from the sale of crude oil, around 900 thousand barrels per day,” he said.

During the current administration, gasoline imports have decreased by 45 percent compared to the previous administration thanks to the rehabilitation of refineries in Mexico and the purchase of the Deer Park plant, located in Texas.

“This allows us to have more fuel, that is why we do not need to increase gasoline prices, because the subsidies we are giving to gasoline are offset by the surplus in crude oil prices,” he explained.

In the Treasury Hall of the National Palace, he indicated that the policy will be maintained to take care of fuel prices and that inflation does not get out of control.

  • President López Obrador highlighted that the COVID-19 pandemic maintains the downward trend in Mexico. According to data from the Ministry of Health, the reduction in active cases adds up to six consecutive weeks and in parallel hospital occupancy decreased, 92 percent, and deaths, 89 percent.

“The report is very favorable because the contagion is decreasing and there are fewer hospitalized patients, and most importantly, there are fewer deaths, it is something that we must take into account,” he stressed.

The control of the health emergency, he said, “is fundamentally due to the good behavior of the people of Mexico, everyone; the support that was received from the beginning from the doctors, the nurses, all the workers in the health sector; the support of foreign governments that helped us to have equipment and, above all, the vaccine that was decisive for us to protect ourselves, this accompanied by the work of thousands of health promoters”.

He stressed that Mexico is one of the 10 countries with the highest doses applied in the world, which made it possible to deal more effectively with the omicron variant, “which is already weakening.”

  • The Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez, specified that only 0.4 percent are estimated active cases.

“Today we have a clear trend towards reduction and we have reached minimum levels of what we characterize as the inter-epidemic period or the period between the different waves. It is possible that this time it will be more sustained to the extent that we have a very broad vaccination coverage, ”he explained.

As of March 7, the Ministry of Health reports that 90 percent of the population over 18 years of age has the complete scheme or at least the first dose with 85 million 351 thousand 315 people vaccinated. In girls, boys and adolescents from 14 to 17 years of age, progress is 53 percent.

  • President López Obrador supported the decision of the business assembly that elected Francisco Cervantes Díaz, since he was democratically elected and assured that he is a “good leader.”

“I know Francisco Cervantes, he is a good business leader, I am pleased that he is the president of the CCE. He obtained the votes to represent the businessmen and associations of the coordinating council, I have a good relationship with him and soon we will meet”, he said.




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