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In his morning press conference, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that the energy policies promoted by the Government of Mexico defend the sovereignty of the country and do not violate the Free Trade Agreement with the United States and Canada (T-MEC).

“We are going to carry out everything that corresponds to us and make it clear that there is no violation of the treaty and, clarify, that we can have commercial relations, but we define our policies in Mexico and they have to do with our Constitution and with the laws,” he stressed.

He noted that the consultations requested by the United States and Canada are agreed upon procedures; all three countries have resorted to these on previous occasions.

“First of all, it is a procedure that is established in the treaty. (…) It is a query about policies that are presumed to contravene what is established. There is a term to respond to these consultations of a little more than 70 days and then, if there is no agreement, it goes to international panels to rule on the case, who is right. It’s a process,” he explained.

The energy issue, he said, will not be put up for negotiation because it is the domain of the nation. Oil and lithium belong to the Mexicans.

“We have to assert our sovereignty and the oil is ours, it belongs to the nation and that is what we are doing and everything will be cleared up. (…) Mexico is an independent country and this position is misunderstood, although I insist (…) that, one thing that I am grateful to President Biden, is that he always speaks that the relationship between us should be on an equal footing; he is respectful of our sovereignty and I believe him,” he expressed.

The Chief Executive stated that the national agenda is established for the benefit of Mexicans, in accordance with Mexico’s development plan, and not based on recommendations from foreign institutions.

  • The undersecretary of Security and Citizen Protection, Ricardo García Berdeja, reported that yesterday an arrest warrant was executed for the alleged aggressor of Luz Raquel Padilla, who was burned alive last Saturday in Zapopan, Jalisco.

“Yesterday, Sergio Ismael “N” appeared as a witness, but he also commented, to the knowledge of the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office itself, that the same day yesterday, late, an arrest warrant was executed for the crimes of qualified injuries. , threats and crimes against the dignity of people; This criminal case is independent of the femicide file, but eventually it could also be indicted for this crime, ”he explained.

The official added that on presidential instructions, they contacted the Prosecutor’s Office of that state to offer constitutional support.

“We have already offered all the collaboration, as President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Secretary Rosa Icela have instructed us. The moment there is criminal news of this type of event, we immediately get in touch and offer all the institutional support. Obviously it is a serious femicide, due to its characteristics and background. As it has been in other cases, there is not going to be impunity,” she said.

For his part, the president said that this femicide, like others, has its origin in “the individualization that was promoted in the neoliberal period” and family disintegration.

He explained that “for a long time, moral, cultural, and spiritual values ​​were set aside, and the material was elevated to a “supreme rank”. That is part of neoliberal politics.

“You had to succeed at all costs, without moral scruples of any kind,” he charged.

At a global level, he said, families disintegrated when in Mexico the family is the institution of greatest social importance.

He endorsed that his government seeks to strengthen values ​​and that there is no impunity.

  • Independent journalist Reyna Haydee Ramírez denounced being the victim of threats, which she attributed to the president’s disqualifications towards the union.

“And yes, as I was saying, there are threats since 2020 and there are some recent ones, and a local prosecutor’s office is dealing with them. That is a point that I hope one day the prosecutors will resolve, meanwhile I take it as a personal matter. But I treat it here because it has to do with you, with this conference.

“I’ve been a reporter for almost 30 years and we assume that these threats come from either his supporters or his opponents, one of two. So let the prosecution define it one day at some point. The complaint is filed.

“And I say it with all due respect, President, because you here have reviled, you have stigmatized journalists, almost every day you dedicate yourself to that,” he explained.

In this regard, the president pointed out that she is free to express herself in the morning conference.


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