The highlights of “La Mañanera”


In his morning press conference, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that a meeting will be held at the Ministry of the Interior to reorganize the airspace.

“There is a meeting in the Government to order the airspace, there is no purpose to affect the lines. There was apparently an error, the investigation is being done. The director did resign, and even the president (Vidente) Fox (…) blaming me and talking about Felipe Ángeles, when this incident, fortunately, did not escalate, and the incident was here at the AICM, ”he said.

This, after the incident recorded on May 7 at the Mexico City International Airport, in which two Volaris company planes were about to collide.

Hence, the president denied that this type of incident is due to the redesign of the airspace and blamed “the conservatives” for fueling the resistance against him.

“It is that they question everything, even if it falls into ridicule. I don’t know what’s wrong with them, they should calm down (…) It’s a desire for us to do badly, “she said.

“There will be understanding, the same lines have already come to offer that they will have more flights from the Felipe Ángeles airport. It is that I will tell you the story shortly, that the Reforma will not tell it, I can tell it to you, ”she stressed.

He announced that it will be from October or November when airlines such as Aeroméxico, Volaris and Viva Aerobus increase the number of flights from the AIFA.

The president of the Council (of Aeroméxico) came to tell me that as of August they will increase the number of flights, and that in November or December they will have 36 flights on the Felipe Ángeles. And Volaris and Viva Aerobús are going to do the same”, he said.

  • The head of the Federal Executive announced that this weekend he will meet with agronomists, technicians and extensionists from all over the country with the purpose of promoting the production of food for self-consumption.

“We want to promote a campaign for production, above all, for self-consumption; (…) Sow to be self-sufficient, so that world inflation does not affect us so much and the best thing is to promote productive activity, ”he stressed.

He raised the importance of planting basic foods such as corn, beans, rice and wheat, an activity promoted by the Government of Mexico through incentives for producers and merchants.

“It is better to produce what we consume; just as we are producing fuels, we have to intensify actions to produce food”, he referred.

Faced with the international context and the effects of inflation, the alternative is food and energy self-sufficiency, asserted the Chief Executive.

He announced that on the work tour he will visit Nuevo León, Jalisco, Veracruz, Puebla and Mexico City to develop the plan in collaboration between the dependencies of the federal and state governments, ejidatarios and small owners.

“We also need to have more production and open up the country so that food can be imported. These agreements help producers and traders because (inflation) is a global phenomenon”, he remarked.

  • President López Obrador celebrated the results achieved in the tour he made in Central America and the Caribbean last weekend; He maintained that one of his main achievements was promoting actions with the governments of each country that benefit all peoples.

“We want to express our gratitude to the peoples and governments of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Belize and Cuba, to the peoples and governments for the respectful treatment, I would say affectionate, affectionate, that they showed us. We are aware that it is not just about the Government of Mexico but fundamentally about the affection and respect that they have for it, the admiration that our neighbors, brothers, have for the people of Mexico. They treated us very well,” he expressed.

He stressed that Belize will join the Central American countries in which the Sembrando Vida program already operates.

An agreement was also reached to eliminate tariffs and allow food such as fish, shellfish, agricultural and livestock products to be exported to Mexico.

In El Salvador, the president explained, the initiative for reforestation, job creation and promotion of the countryside, is already consolidated with 10,000 planters. In addition, there are 10,000 women and men between the ages of 18 and 29 enrolled in Youth Building the Future.

The governments of Mexico and Cuba signed collaboration documents in health matters: Mexican general practitioners will be able to specialize on the island and will receive scholarships; Doses of the COVID-19 vaccine that is being successfully developed in that country for girls and boys will be acquired, and more than 500 Cuban specialists will come to work in public hospitals.

He stressed that around 30,000 agricultural workers of Guatemalan origin who work in Chiapas will be registered with the Mexican Institute of Social Security so that they have medical care and social security.

The objective is “that the purpose we have made of guaranteeing the right to health, medical attention, medicines, analyzes or free clinical studies for those who do not have social security is fulfilled. We have already started, but we have this deficit (of doctors) that we are solving.”

The head of the Executive reaffirmed the call to consolidate the unity of America through a model similar to that of the European Community.

“That is also why we are proposing that at the next summit to be held in Los Angeles, everyone be invited, that no one excludes anyone and that we can dialogue, accept our differences, but also reach agreements on everything that unites us and it can help us, strengthen us as a region in the world. That’s basically our approach,” he emphasized.


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