The highlights of “La Mañanera”


At his press conference this Thursday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador indicated that the public company that will be created to manage lithium in Mexico will be presented in approximately 90 days.

“We will seek that it is not a bureaucratic apparatus; that it be very efficient, that they really be people of absolute trust, honest, experts in the mining issue or in public administration”, he pointed out.

He added that it is still being analyzed to which dependency it will be attached; they could be the Ministries of Finance and Public Credit, Energy and Economy or the Federal Electricity Commission.

“We are going to see where it is most convenient and start working with the geological system and not only think in the short term. This is going to take time,” he explained.

He said that the exploration, extraction and transformation of the nation’s strategic mineral will soon begin. In addition, he said, the plan to be followed in which investment opportunities are considered will be announced.

  • “Things have to be called by their name,” said the head of the federal Executive regarding Morena’s campaign against opponents who voted against the Electricity Reform.

He stressed that the legislators handed over national resources to foreign companies, for which he considered it valid that they be called “traitors to the country.”

“We come from a popular movement. I am sympathetic to Hidalgo and Morelos, and Juárez, and Villa, and Zapata, and the Flores Magón; and Madero, and Lázaro Cárdenas. So I already said here that the Flores Magón family, Ricardo, used to say that whoever handed over natural resources to foreigners was a traitor to the country and President Cárdenas repeated this, sustained it,” he said.

“Things must be called by their name, enough of hypocrisy, of agreements on what dark with the elites, the luxury restaurants and that people do not know when it comes to the welfare of the people, when they are decisions that can affect everyone, the people and the nation”, he emphasized.

  • The president confirmed that the dissolution of a select anti-drug unit of the DEA in Mexico, because it was shown that this group was infiltrated by organized crime, and even one of its bosses is being tried in the United States.

“That was done about a year ago. It was shown that this group was infiltrated by criminals, even one of its bosses is being tried in the United States, but they do not investigate anything, they just attack”, he pointed out after also criticizing the opposition.

“That group that was supposed to be of a very high level, strategic, was infiltrated and its leaders are being investigated, and there are prisoners from that group. We decided that this should be suspended (…) it is something that we respectfully recommend to the US Government because it has to establish order and trust”, he referred.

“There are things that agents carry out downstairs without the knowledge of higher-level US government authorities, which have to do with law enforcement, and that is very sensitive, because they have informants who stay in the criminal groups,” he declared.

  • President López Obrador declared that he would meet with the celebrities who participated in the “Sélvame Del Tren” campaign against section 5 of the Mayan Train, but in private at the National Palace.

“If the celebrities who appeared (in the video) come here (to the National Palace), we will serve them here. I speak with them. But imagine serving everyone, when am I going to convince them? If these who came out were like, I’ll talk to those 20, ”she said.

“Whenever they want, they can come, we have to take care of the investiture, it would be a meeting with them, you could not be there (press), then they can declare, because I have to defend the transformation project and I cannot expose myself,” he pointed out. .

  • It will be from May 5 to 9 when President López Obrador makes his work tour through Central American and Caribbean countries.

The itinerary includes a visit to El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize and Cuba.

“We are going to leave Puebla, because we are going to be there on May 5; I will be in the parade. Even there we are going to have the security meeting, the morning and then the parade; from there to the airport to start the tour”, she advanced.

Previously, the president explained that the objective of this tour is to continue the efforts dedicated to addressing the causes of the migratory phenomenon through the cooperation and integration of the American continent.

The Government of Mexico will promote the implementation of Welfare Programs such as Sembrando Vida and Youth Building the Future, which have the objective of avoiding the migration of the population by creating employment opportunities.


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