The health sector: uneven floor for women


By. Patricia Betaza

Did you know that the 70 percent of staff working in the health sector are women? It is a figure that draws attention to the enormous female workforce that has the health and even the lives of millions of Mexican men and women in their hands.

However, the health sector is also an unequal environment for women compared to men. Although seven out of 10 employed people are women, it turns out that men have more managerial positions and better salaries, with the exception of those who work in the nursing area.

The organization Mexico how are we doing? and the Sohin Group recently released a very comprehensive study on the gender gap in the health sector in our country and also found the main obstacles that slow down or discourage the job performance of Mexican women.

The COVID-19 pandemic -which has not just ended-, intensified, according to this research, the male-female disparities in our country.

Despite the fact that 70 percent of the workforce is made up of women in the health sector, only 6 percent of them hold a managerial position. And for every 100 pesos that a man receives in these positions, women receive 81 pesos.

As if that were not enough, throughout the career spaces for professional growth are lost to attend to work at home, care for children or elderly people.

The idea of ​​making this inequality visible in the health sector is to create awareness that those who have the greatest weight and responsibility in health can be in managerial positions that allow them to focus attention and care with a gender perspective.

Because today, in a nutshell, women have a weight in the Mexican health system, but they do not make decisions.

In addition to publicizing this study, the Observatory on the position of women in the health sector was created in order to give it continuity and seek the most equal floor for women who increased the workforce during the pandemic.

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