The Health Sector is a disaster

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Hector Moctezuma de Leon.

How in Denmark? No mothers, the Health Sector in our country is a disaster, shortage of medicines, late attention in high-level studies, as well as in surgical interventions and to top it off, in Social Security they are giving some medicines that have exceeded their expiration date.

Facilities in deplorable conditions, with elevators that don't work, or if they work, they get stranded or cause accidents like the one that happened at the IMSS Zone Hospital in Playa del Carmen where a girl died and so far there are no culprits.

At the National Institute of Cardiology, without further ado, they level up patients so that they cannot pay and burst them, so they have no choice but to go to the IMSS where it takes more than a year and a half to recognize a cardiac disease, after going through a series of instances. An Echocardiogram is programmed between six and seven months, although they are doing well. Other studies are subject to the availability of inputs.

Recently, in one of the clinics of the Mexican Institute of Social Security, the elderly woman was heard complaining that she was given a box of pills, for one month, on June 15, expiring on the 20th of the same month. The last straw

In a message circulating on social networks, Dr. Pablo Lezama, head of Oncological Surgery at the Federico Gómez Children's Hospital of Mexico, complains that he has many patients and limited space. In March their time for elective surgery was reduced due to the reduction in nursing staff. But he spends 140 million pesos in a morning, he says.

A few days ago, doctors from the health services in Mexico City took to the streets and blocked important avenues to demand better working conditions with the right equipment to better carry out their mission, as well as receive the base after years of working.

Neither the arrogant undersecretary Hugo López Gatell nor his teacher, secretary Jorge Alcocer, have the slightest idea where they stand, which is why they spend their time fawning over President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Health Services like Denmark, the sleeve.


"Gentlemen, if you can't, resign," expressed the businessman Alejandro Martí in his pain after the kidnapping and murder of his son Fernando, in 2008, words that resounded in Los Pinos where Felipe Calderón dispatched and in the Old City Hall Palace where he had his offices as head of government of the Federal District, Marcelo Ebrard today campaigning for Morena's candidacy in 2025 that offers security with Artificial Intelligence. Martí died yesterday without justice being done to him... In March of next year, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador could turn green with anger if the Court gives him the news from New York that it acquitted Genaro García Luna. Yesterday Judge Brian Cogan postponed the decision until March 1 to give the defense an opportunity for the former Secretary of Public Safety's lawyers to review new evidence that may be favorable to his client. A few words to the good understanding... Salomón Jara brought out the little dictator that he carries inside and demolished the theory of the division of powers that Montesquieu had such a hard time elaborating.

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