The head and egg of this snake

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Ruben Cortes.

William Barr, Donald Trump's trusted man to maintain the friendship he had with the current Mexican president, affirms that he is today the main facilitator of the drug cartels. But that's something you should try.

What you should not prove (because it is inexorably proven) is your metaphor to refer to organized crime: "The head of the serpent is in Mexico." Mexican cartels gun down 100 newspapers here; and there at 130 thousand years by overdose.

However, in Mexico there is not only the head of the serpent: in Mexico there is also the egg of the serpent, which is the growing militarization of the civil government and of society. The military in the government are poison. So it is in all populisms.

Let's just look at the result of militarization in the three main dictatorships allied to the current Mexican government: Venezuela and Nicaragua are two narco-states, with the military accused of crimes against humanity at the UN; and Cuba is a prison.

And another recent ally, ex-guerrilla and populist politician Gustavo Petro, president of Colombia, just in the last week his son was seen receiving money from drug traffickers and buying mansions, he gave nationality by decree to Spanish terrorists...

Here, the arrest in the United States of General CVienfuegos (he was released only because of a political agreement forged precisely by William Barr) showed that it is a politically correct story that the military is incorruptible.

Because it is not just about the Army being contaminated by organized crime: it is about the monopoly of coercive force, weapons, impunity and power, causing the Army to be insatiable and end up capturing political power .

Yes, as the Army did in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, the three main political and economic allied dictatorships, awarded, moreover, with national orders, and defended in the UN and the OAS by the current Mexican administration.

The Cuban Army runs, with GAESA (a company registered in Panama) 39 thousand 383 hotel rooms on the island, caesars (Las Vegas) and Barcelo either iberostar (Spain) and almost as many as TI have Walt Disney Company (39 thousand 751).

The UN concluded that the Nicaraguan military commits crimes against humanity, with the systematic murder of opponents who protest against the dictatorship of their boss, the satrap Daniel Ortega. In addition, that it banishes dissidents.

The Venezuelan Army is also considered by the UN a murderer against humanity: it has assassinated 5,094 political opponents and detained another 3,479 without warrants, and "all with the knowledge of the number one of the regime."

Yes: snake's head and egg.

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