The Halloween celebration sneaks into the Santiago 2023 Games

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Santiago De Chile, Oct 31 (EFE).- People dressed in costumes in sports venues, musical winks in some competitions and a special decoration in the Pan American Village put a festive framework to the Santiago 2023 Games on this Halloween Tuesday.

One of the first to join the celebrations was the little bird Fiu, the friendly mascot of the games, with the publication of a collection of drawings on Instagram in which he is seen dressed as a mummy, vampire, devil, pumpkin and witch.

The advertisements for some disciplines shown on the screens at sports venues included drawings of spiders and cobwebs.

There was no shortage of people who attended the competitions in costume, such as a woman who was dressed as "The Nun" and her little girl as the cowgirl Jessie, from the Toy Story film saga, or a little Spiderman who came to the stadium to watch the athletics events.

Precisely in the stadium, in one of the breaks between tests, a group of entertainers danced the choreography of "Thriller", the song by the King of Pop Michael Jackson that is a must on Halloween.

"Thriller" also played at the Aquatic Center where the first day of synchronized swimming took place, in which some pairs included fragments of that song, or horror movie soundtracks in their routines.

The festivity also reached the Pan American Village, which houses the thousands of athletes who attend the games, with decorations such as pumpkins, ghosts, cobwebs, witches and skeletons, among others.

In addition to numerous orange and black balloons and a sign that read “Happy Halloween”, as could be seen in photographs and videos shared by several athletes and delegations on their social networks.

On the Santiago 2023 Instagram account, some activities promoted by the hosts were seen, such as the delivery of candy to the children attending, and question challenges in exchange for candy.

The games account administrator walked around the sports venues and asked the athletes what their main fear is.

The day was sweet especially for the athletes who won a medal.

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