'The Great Famous Chef' LIVE: minute by minute of the second night of sentencing

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Which participants are on sentence?

On Friday, August 18, a first group of participants faced off to avoid the feared sentence. In this episode the protagonists were the dishes on a menu. In this dynamic, the participants randomly had the starter dishes that could be huancaína potatoes, chicken soup and stuffed yucas. Surprisingly, Santi Lesmes was the one who won the first challenge.

After that, the Spaniard was in charge of choosing the second courses for his companions for which he had three options, the same ones that were: olluquito with meat, red noodles and rice covered with poor food.

After presenting their dishes, the jury deliberated on the taste and presentation. Finally, Josi Martinez, Santi Lesmes and Sirena Ortiz They were the ones who were saved from the sentence. Thus, Leslie Stewart, Fatima Aguilar and Armando MachucaThey will have to fight for their permanence.

The Great Celebrity Chef. (Latin Screenshot)

What happened in the last episode of 'The Great Celebrity Chef'?

On Saturday, August 19, a special program was presented in the kitchen celebrating Children's Day. This time, the participants had to prepare the favorite dishes of the little ones in the house, but with the difficulty that they had to be healthier.

The first course of the night was banana and blueberry pancakes. The challenge that seemed simple ended up being more complicated for the participants. After the test, Mariella Zanetti it was established as the best and won the benefit for the second course.

At another time, the jurors and the driver were surprised by the children of the Ronald McDonalds House. They showed their happiness and thanked that they can make them happy with the program. This event made the judges cry.

The second dish of the night were Nuggets with spinach puree. The challenge became complicated after they were told that they had to prepare the chicken pieces from scratch. After an arduous competition, the jury decided which participants to save and which to send to sentence.

Finally, Mariella Zanetti and 'Crazy' Wagner were saved by the judges for what Beatriz Martínez, Milene Vásquez and Mayra Goñi they were sentenced.

'Crazy Wagner' and Mariella Zanetti were saved from going to sentencing night.
'Crazy Wagner' and Mariella Zanetti were saved from going to sentencing night.

How to see the third season of 'The Great Famous Chef ′?

This Monday, August 21, 'The Great Celebrity Chef' will air a new episode of the third season. You can see the gastronomic contest of Latin TV Tuning channel 2 in the following cable operators:

DirecTV: Channel 192 (SD/HD) Channel 1192 (HD)

Movistar TV: Channel 102 (SD) Channel 702 (HD)

Or open signal on channel 2.

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