The Great Celebrity Chef LIVE: minute by minute of the semifinal of the gastronomic contest

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A dessert will be the first course of the night

The first dish of the semifinal night of “The Greatest Celebrity Chef” is Tarta Saint Honoré, a French dessert. Participants will have 60 minutes to prepare it.

The first dish of "The Great Celebrity Chef" is Tarta Saint Honoré.
The first course of "The Great Celebrity Chef" is Saint Honoré Cake.
The first dish of "The Great Celebrity Chef" is Tarta Saint Honoré.

Start the semifinal in “The Great Celebrity Chef” third season.

The semi-final of The Great Celebrity Chef third season begins.
The semi-final of The Great Celebrity Chef third season begins.

What happened in the last program?

A few days before the grand final of 'The Great Celebrity Chef'the remaining participants in the competition must excel in the kitchen, as one of them is eliminated daily until they reach the final and meet the winner.

In the last edition, Milene Vázquez, Leslie Stewart, Armando Machuca and Mariella Zanetti They had to demonstrate their knowledge of Amazonian cuisine. The dish they had to prepare was Juanes.

Unlike previous programs, this time there would not be two dishes to prepare, but rather this process would be divided into two stages, in the first they would have to make the rice and the chicken.

After 70 minutes of preparation, the winner of the night's benefit was Mariella Zanettishe would have the help of the three jurors to carry out the second part of the juanes.

In this second stage, the contestants had a total of 60 minutes to make the complete recipe. Once they finished and were evaluated, the jury had to announce the eliminated person of the night. Unfortunately, Leslie Stewartremaining in fourth place.

Leslie Stewart says goodbye to The Greatest Celebrity Chef.
Leslie Stewart says goodbye to The Greatest Celebrity Chef.

What time does 'The Great Celebrity Chef' start?

'The Great Celebrity Chef' is a reality cooking show where showbiz characters compete to demonstrate their culinary skills. The third season goes from Monday to Friday from 8:00 p.m. and Saturdays at 8:30 p.m.. These are the schedules if you are in other countries:

- Spain: 3:00 (the next day).

How to watch The Great Celebrity Chef ONLINE LIVE?

To see Latina LIVE, you can tune in to its signal on open television or through your cable or satellite provider. You can also access its live broadcast through its website or through streaming applications that offer the channel as part of its programming. In addition, it is broadcast on YouTube one hour after its start via open signal.

A new chapter of 'The Great Celebrity Chef' begins. | Latin
A new chapter of 'The Great Celebrity Chef' begins. | Latin

On which channel can you watch 'The Great Celebrity Chef'?

The reality cooking show airs on Latinbut you can also see it online from its official website or from other digital platforms.

- DirecTV: Channel 192 (SD/HD) Channel 1192 (HD)

- Movistar TV: Channel 102 (SD) Channel 702 (HD)

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