The Government of President Petro and the Central General Staff of the FARC dissidents will begin dialogues on October 8 in Tibú, Norte de Santander

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The Government of Colombia and the FARC dissidents will set up a dialogue table from October 8 - credit Ernesto Guzmán/EFE

Given the recent acts of violence, in which the epicenter has been the department of Cauca, and whose protagonists are the FARC dissidents, in addition to the different exchanges of words between the national government and the Central General Staff, from the Office of the High Commissioner for Peace, Danilo Rueda, it was confirmed that starting next Sunday, October 8, will install the dialog table in the municipality of Tibú, Norte de Santander.

“The installation of the Dialogue Table is the result of the work that It has been developing since 2022with the permanent accompaniment of the Representative in Colombia of the Secretary General of the UN, the MAPP-OAS, the Episcopal Conference and the World Council of Churches,” it was reported from the Office of the High Commissioner for Peace.

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Likewise, it was reported that the representatives of several countries that have participated as witnesses in the preparation events are invited to the event in which this table will be installed. Likewise, the national government also stated that they will seek guarantee great participation of the Catatumbo communityand its local and departmental authorities.

From the Government of President Gustavo Petro it was explained that work is being done on the protocol creation so that respect the civilian population and also in the implementation of the bilateral ceasefire; However, this last point is one of the most controversial, if we take into account the recent violent escalation in the department of Cauca, which of course has affected the civilian population.

“The statement by Iván Lozada on behalf of the FARC-EP Central General Staff, in which he reiterates the decision to maintain a cessation of offensive actions until the next installation at the peace dialogue table, is very positive, in the midst of the tensions. armed in Algeria and Playa Rica, in Cauca,” the Government highlighted.

From the Executive, they are sure that the respect for the civilian population and their rights They are the basis for achieving peace; Likewise, territorial transformations will continue to be the highest point in this process, this refers to what President Gustavo Petro requested when he responded to a statement made by alias Iván Mordisco this Friday, September 29.

In the message from the head of state he asks the head of the dissidents of the Central General Staff of the FARC that this illegal armed group end the hostilities against the civilian population, this was stated in response to the leader's request in which he stated that HE "make decisions and stop the war.

The most important thing is to begin a de-escalation of hostilities. This means: cease actions against the civilian population", the president responded on his official X account (formerly Twitter).

Likewise, the decrease in violence by this armed group will depend on two factors. The first of them will be seriousness and ability of the Central General Staff that it has to be able to make the ceasefire realsince some previous events have made it clear that they do not have it, for that reason they distrust some sectors of the government.

The other, which will be decisive, is about the way in which the Government of President Gustavo Petro Design your strategy and execute it so that the nascent peace process with the EMC is connected with the one that is being carried out with the ELN, this in relation to the scope of a trilateral ceasefire.

The installation of the dialogue table between the National Government and the EMC will begin on October 8 and will extend until November 2024, as announced by both parties.

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