The Government announces the procedures before the TAD to suspend Rubiales: "This is the 'Me Too' of Spanish football"

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The kiss of Luis Rubiales to Jenni Hermoso at the coronation of the Spanish team after winning the Women's World Cup

Victor Francos, President of the Superior Sports Council (CSD), has announced that the body dependent on the Government of Spain has referred to the Administrative Court of Sports (TAD) a complaint of "serious misconduct" with the intention of suspending Luis Rubiales from the position of president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).

The path of this Government with the president of the RFEF has ended today. The Government begins the procedures so that Mr. Rubiales has to give an explanation before the Administrative Court of Sport and if the TAD sees fit, we will suspend Rubiales from his duties", Francos assured at a press conference after Rubiales' statements in which he has refused to resign.

Francos has been harsh and blunt in his words and assures that the CSD was waiting for Rubiales' words in the RFEF Assembly. “I didn't like the shapes. I have been surprisedI was convinced that the solution was going to be another, but the Government is not going to allow it”, which assured that this fact is “the Me Too of Spanish football”.

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The tone of Rubiales, who has said on behalf of another that the kiss to Jennifer Hermoso was consented, that he does not plan to resign and with harsh words against the Vice President of the Government, Yolanda Díaz, and the ministers Irene Montero and Ione Belarra, have been criticized by the president of the CSD: “I want to be very clear. Rubiales has not lived up to, nor what was expected, nor what the players of the national team expected, nor what the Government or Spanish society expected. Rubiales has disappointed ”, Francos said at a press conference.

The president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, during the press conference at the Extraordinary General Assembly.

Francos has pointed out that "it was not the day to attack, it was the day to retreat". For this reason, the president of the CSD has justified that they will seek the suspension of Rubiales: "We consider that the explanations that he has given again today do not correspond to their attitudes and we want to be very clear when it comes to saying that the Assembly, far from resolving the situation, has fueled the controversy”.

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The steps to follow are legally complex and for this reason Francos wanted to clarify that "neither the CSD nor its president can disqualify any federative presidentTherefore, any decision must wait for the TAD to make its sentence public. "We will submit to the TAD today a justifying file that there is a very serious fault and it may constitute a violation of principles and it will be the TAD that decides whether or not to initiate the file. If that happens, I as president of the CSD will have the right to convene the board of directors of the superior sports council to urge the suspension of the president, always subject to the fact that later the TAD will have to decide regardless of my opinion. My obligation is to follow the processes”. However, despite explaining the administrative process. In any case, Francos has clarified that if he has the capacity for it, "Rubiales will be suspended."

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