The goose can no longer

By. Jose C. Serrano

“I’m tired goose said a mosquito, when he couldn’t fly anymore. One leg sprained and the other knotted up, then he got a canker sore, and even he was speechless. It is better not to follow him, because then I sweat”.

This dialogue of German Valdes Tin Tan in the movie Lost Boy of 1947, is the emblematic phrase that the president has used Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), from the first minute of his government, and in fact, he said it in his investiture speech in the Chamber of Deputies on December 1, 2018.

On the tape, Tin Tan says the phrase, singing, accompanied by his faithful carnal Marcelo on guitar. AMLO also has the carnal Marcelo of him, only he dresses in the uniform of a thousand uses.

Three years later, the ingenious phrase turns 180 degrees, and in its place appears another one that has already acquired a naturalization letter: “I can’t take it anymore, I close my cycle and I retire.” AMLO said this during the tour he took accompanied by reporters from the presidential source in the “Daniel Cabrera and the Forgotten Room” of the National Palace, on February 24.

During the talk with journalists, the president shared that in 2012 he was about to no longer be a candidate for the Presidency, and only remain as a party leader. For this he had already prepared a letter as a farewell.

“And I was about to say: I am going to continue, but as a leader, I am not going to be a candidate again”. However, she decided to go ahead, and halfway through she blurted out: “But yes, I can’t take it anymore, I’ll close my cycle and retire.”

For the opposition, the decision not to accept the presidential candidacy in 2012 or 2018 would have been correct. Occupying the country’s First Magistracy is giving only meager results in the different spheres of public administration.

AMLO must hand over power on October 1, 2024; however, his permanence in office will be consulted to the citizens on April 10, when the exercise of revocation of mandate is carried out.

For political analysts of the caliber of Maria Amparo Casar and Alejandra Cullen, AMLO will conclude his government period, with or without revocation, on October 1, 2024.

At the end of the tour through some rooms of the National Palace, the president announced that at the end of his six-year term he will retire from politics, so he will not hold another position.

“Nothing more than that I am no longer going to exercise the noble office of politics, because when I finish I retire, I retire and I no longer participate in anything that has to do with public life, neither conferences nor visits to any state or outside the country and no position, nothing, not even honorary.”

The man from Macuspana leaves many doubts among his followers and ill-wishers. The latter would celebrate that the former president moved to La Chingada, his farm in Palenque, Chiapas.

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