'The goal in Japan is to be back,' says Sergio 'Checo' Pérez

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The Mexican pilot Sergio “Checo” Pérez stated that at Red Bull They didn't understand “what went wrong” at the Singapore Grand Prix, in which they achieved their worst result of the year, but at the same time he was confident that they would be competitive again in Japan, which “should be one of the best routes” for them.

“The goal in Japan is to be back, We didn't understand what went wrong or what didn't work in Singapore, although we have some ideas. But the circuit is so different that there is no reason to think we won't be strong at Suzuka. This should be one of the best routes for us,” said Pérez in the press conference prior to the Japanese Grand Prix that starts this Friday.

“There are some indications that we get confused with the car configuration, although we were more competitive in the race than in qualifying,” he added.

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The pilot from Guadalajara insisted that they wait regain its dominant position in the championship in Japanthe home circuit for its engine supplier, Honda.

“The car feels good in the simulator, not as bad as in Singapore, so I hope it goes well and that it is a good circuit for us,” he declared.

Sergio Perez finished last Sunday in eighth place at the Singapore Grand Prix, the sixteenth race of the 2023 Formula 1 season, which he described as “a total disaster”, since in addition to the poor classification on Saturday when finishing thirteenth, he considered that they did not have “any luck” in the race held at the Marina Bay urban circuit, where last year the pilot from Guadalajara took victory.

Photo: Reuters

In statements to FOX Sports México, Pérez Mendoza noted: “It was a total disaster. We didn't have any luck today and all the safety cars favored the medium tire strategy.”

And the Mexican driver, currently in second place in the standings, added: “It has been a very complicated race from start to finish, because “You had to risk too much to catch up with the other pilots.”

The victory belonged to the Spanish pilot Carlos Sainz Jr of Ferrari, accompanied on the podium by the British Landon Norris of McLaren and Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes.

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