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Francisco Garfias.

The future of the National Guard is uncertain. The specter of a disbandment of the elements of that security body that come from the Armed Forces, for purely administrative reasons, looms.

On January 1, 2024, the deadline for national guardsmen who have military origins – the majority – to remain or return to the Army and Navy expires.

If the Law is not modified before that fatal date, it is announced that the aforementioned elements will return to the barracks or their bases to safeguard benefits that the Ministry of Public Security cannot guarantee them.

The Secretary of National Defense, Crescencio Sandoval, raised this concern to the members of the Bicameral Commission for the Evaluation and Monitoring of the Permanent Armed Force in Public Security Tasks.

The general secretary considers that the Sedena should take charge of the administration of the National Guard, but the containment bloc opposes it with the argument that the SCJN has already repealed the secondary law so that the National Guard would be operationally and administratively attached to that Secretary.

“A very serious problem could arise. A constitutional reform would have to be carried out, but the PAN and the Plural Group, mainly, are opposed,” warns Senator Cristóbal Arias, president of the aforementioned Bicameral Commission.

Morena already has a pre-ruling ready to avoid the disbandment of the Guards. The intention is to present it in both chambers within two weeks.

“I still have hope that all groups will take charge precisely because of the crisis of insecurity and violence that we are experiencing,” Arias Solís pointed out.


The interference of the National Palace in decisions of the Legislative Branch was evidenced yesterday with the leak, on the Congress Channel, of an audio of Eduardo Ramírez, coordinator of the Morena bench, at the time when he was lowering the line about the guinda group on the appointment of a judge of the Specialized Chamber of the TEPJF.

Ramírez did not mention the name of President López Obrador in the audio that was included in the transmission of another event, but its content does not seem to leave any doubts about who gave the instruction.

He said verbatim about the shortlist that the SCJN sent to the Senate to elect the magistrate:

“A shortlist of a presentation came. The proposal seemed very biased. You know well. “We consulted on the decisions we made regarding appointments and the guidance we were given was to scrap it.”

With whom does the Morena bench consult the meaning of the appointments? Who do you ask for “guidance”? There is only one person who gives the line. You know who.

Now back on track, Monreal's successor informed the cherry senators of how the negotiations were going:

“I am trying to reconcile specifically with the PAN. The PRI said there was no problem. The MC that was going to value and the vote of independents or without a party can pull.”

It was not long before the PRI caucus in the Senate came out to give a press conference to assure that in “no way” were they going to accompany Morena when it came to voting. “We have an agreement with the containment block,” said Manuel Añorve, head of the tricolor group.

The PAN senator, Kenia López, called the dark-skinned “subject bench.” Her co-religionist, Damián Zepeda, highlighted that there are more than 100 spaces of the Court throughout the country awaiting appointment.

“It was said that why don't the Morena senators want it, but today we were notified, via audio, that it is because the President of the Republic doesn't want it,” Zepeda asserted.

The three women who made up the shortlist are Nancy Correa, Araceli Cruz Valle and María Cecilia Guevara. The pretext that Morena used to prevent the appointment of one of them as a judge of the Special Chamber of the TEPJF is that the three respond to the presentation of the "PAN" judge Felipe de la Mata and that the blue senators want to return the favor for having given them added a deputy.

In the end, the Palace man got his way. None of the three reached the qualified majority required for the appointment.


There is a lot of grid – “politicking”, says AMLO – in the face of the very advanced electoral process.

1.-There is annoyance among the dark-skinned people due to Claudia Sheinbaum's sharp move to impose Omar García Harfuch as the leading candidate for the head of Government of CDMX.

2.- Senator Nancy de la Sierra, who came to the Upper House with the PT and then moved to the Plural Group, returned to the PRI yesterday. She says she is disappointed with the 4T. The real reason, her critics say, is that she seeks re-election that the plurals cannot give her. She has already emerged for the candidacy for governor of Puebla, if gender parity favors her.

3.- Deputy Luis Armando Melgar will be registered as a PVEM proposal to become a candidate for the transformation to the government of Chiapas.


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