The gastronomy and culture of Yucatán will be the protagonist in an important chef's program

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The promotion of the Government of Mauricio Vila Dosal results in the entity being considered in this production

The ancient gastronomy and Yucatecan wonders will be made known to the world by the famous chef Pati Jinich, who included the state in her Pati's Mexican Table program, another example that the promotion policy of the Government of Mauricio Vila Dosal is working. Well, Yucatán continues to offer something to talk about and attract attention for its wide diversity and culture.

In the United States, it will be televised on the PBS network and starting in December it will be exposed to the entire globe on the Prime Video platform, bringing the culture and traditions of the entity to homes in various latitudes.

The appearance of the state in this production is the result of the promotion that Governor Vila Dosal has led during his administration, positioning Yucatán as one of the favorite places to travel, due to its traditions and wide variety of attractions.

In the program, Pati Janich will present the greatness of the Mayan culture through a visit to the municipality of Maní to learn about the honey produced by Yucatecan beekeepers, with sweets being the main focus of her proposals during the show.

Thus, Yucatán is placed before the eyes of the world as an ideal place to come and visit, showing how much it has to offer to those who decide to visit it, thus encouraging the arrival of more tourists in favor of the Yucatecan people.

This series presents the authentic flavors, colors, textures and warmth of Mexican cuisine. Pati Jinich is a former policy analyst focused on the politics and history of Latin America, she is also a chef, cooking teacher, and food writer, who shares her experiences approaching the gastronomy of different places.

As a team, the State Government and the Yucatecans are promoting our state and together we will continue to attract more tourism that boosts jobs for all Yucatecan families.

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