The game between Mainz and Bayer Leverkusen begins at the Mewa Arena stadium

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After having won the previous day, the visiting team will look for another victory that leaves them well positioned in the table, while the local team has just lost its last game and will try to win.

Mainz was hit hard and fell 1-2 to rival Augsburg. In the last matches of the tournament, they had 1 tied game and 3 losses. He has received 14 goals and registered 4 in favor.

Bayer Leverkusen arrives triumphant after seeing Heidenheim fall with a score of 4-1. With varied results, the previous rounds have ended: they won 3 and tied 1. He was able to celebrate 17 goals and his rivals have been able to beat his goal 6 times.

The local team is in eighteenth place with 1 point (1 PE - 4 PP), while the visitor has 13 points and is placed in third place in the table (4 PG - 1 PE).

The judge selected for the match at the Mewa Arena was Benjamin Brand.

Mainz formation today

Bo Svensson proposed a 3-6-1 lineup with Robin Zentner in goal; Sepp van den Berg, Stefan Bell and Edimilson Fernandes as defenders; Danny da Costa, Leandro Barreiro, Dominik Kohr, Anthony Caci, Brajan Gruda and Lee Jaesung as midfielders; and Karim Onisiwo as forward.

Bayer Leverkusen formation today

For his part, Xabi Alonso Olano decided on a 3-6-1 formation, with Lukás Hrádecky defending the goal; Odilon Kossounou, Jonathan Tah, Edmond Tapsoba as defenders; Jeremie Frimpong, Exequiel Palacios, Granit Xhaka, Alejandro Grimaldo, Jonas Hofmann and Florian Wirtz in midfield; and with Victor Boniface as attacker.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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