The G7 is concerned about trade restrictions from Russia and China

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The G7 reaffirmed this Sunday its commitment to "free and fair" international trade and accused Russia and China of hindering itwhile expressing concern about the consequences of the war in the Middle East.

The trade ministers of the main industrialized democracies, meeting this weekend in Osaka (western Japan), emphasize the "fundamental need for fair competition in international trade relations" and for a "free and fair trading system based on rule of law".

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Likewise, they "regretted and condemned Russia's destruction of Ukrainian grain export infrastructure," after Moscow refused in July to extend an agreement allowing the export of Ukrainian grain; and that it bombed grain and port infrastructure in Ukraine.

The G7 ministers (United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, France and Japan) also called for the "immediate repeal of all measures that uselessly restrict trade", especially imports of Japanese food products, in an implicit allusion to Beijing and Moscow.

China and Russia recently suspended their imports of Japanese seafood following the discharge into the sea of ​​treated water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant (northeast of Japan), devastated by a tsunami in 2011. A process that was validated by the International Organization of Atomic Energy (IAEA).

"It is important that restrictions on the import of food products are based on scientific data," said the G7.

The final declaration does not mention the Middle East But the head of Japanese diplomacy, Yoko Kamikawa, who co-chaired the meeting, declared at a press conference that there are "concerns that uncertainty grows even more due to the recent situation in Israel and Palestine."



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