The future of work in artificial intelligence; companies face challenges

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The development and implementation of artificial intelligence is transforming all industries and generating new challenges in the work environment, since this technology can have a negative impact such as job loss or, on the contrary, make work easier .

According to the study “Global Views on Artificial Intelligence”, carried out by Ipsos, 48% of the people consulted in Mexico indicated that this technology makes them nervous.

The above is because they believe that artificial intelligence will change the way they do their work today, while 36% feel threatened thinking that they will be replaced.

This is because artificial intelligence has shown that it can automate many repetitive tasks, to which is added that large language models such as ChatGPT are allowing more complex processes and even impacting sectors such as the artistic sector.

Accenture even estimates that 40% of all work hours could be affected by these large models, since linguistic tasks, such as searching and capturing information, represent 62% of employees' total work time.

The World Economic Forum even predicts that 14 million jobs will disappear over the next five years as more companies adopt artificial intelligence technologies and the global economy continues to weaken.

Despite the above, Accenture does not believe that machines are going to replace humans because 65% of the time dedicated to these linguistic tasks could be converted into a more productive activity.

The above means that people must begin to have constant learning and training to stay updated and meet the demand for skills in the labor market.

To which will be added the creation of new jobs derived from new technologies, proof of this are the results of the Report on the Future of Employment 2023, carried out by the World Economic Forum, which foresees an advance of 40% in the number of specialists in artificial intelligence and machine learning by 2027.

Added to this will be an increase of between 30 and 35% in demand for functions such as analysts and data scientists or big data specialists, as well as a 31% increase in demand for information security analysts.

All of the above would add about 2.6 million jobs around the world in the following years.

Regarding the jobs that will be affected by artificial intelligence, those related to administrative functions such as bank tellers and data entry employees stand out.

Artificial intelligence can also be used within companies to benefit employees. For Indeed, this technology can help recruiters speed up the process of finding the perfect candidate.

Proof of this is that, according to a survey in Mexico, 82% of decision makers within companies believe that artificial intelligence tools will be crucial to collect data that helps recruiters find candidates through the analysis of their CVs.

“This could mean an increase in employee productivity, derived from better use of their capabilities, which, in turn, will allow them to further unlock their potential,” predicts Indeed's senior corporate communications manager for Latin America. , Madalina Secareanu.

In addition, this technology can help recruiters avoid unconscious bias in the hiring process, as long as they have well-developed models.

Another report from Indeed called AI at Work found that the way people work will change as generative artificial intelligence gains broader adoption.

Something that Jason McGuigan, head of virtual reality at Lenovo, agrees with, who predicts that this technology will allow the metaverse to be promoted and, consequently, used in the business sector.

The latter because companies will be able to generate virtual spaces where they can train or coach employees.

For example, a company uses virtual reality glasses to take its Call Center employees to a space where they train with an AI that poses as a client.


According to the World Economic Forum, these are the 10 jobs in greatest decline

  • Bank tellers and related employees
  • Postal Service Employees
  • ATMs
  • Data Entry Clerks
  • Administrative and executive secretaries
  • Materials registration and storage employees
  • Accounting, bookkeeping and payroll checks
  • Legislators and officials
  • Statistics, finance and insurance assistants
  • Door-to-door sales workers, street and news vendors and related workers

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