The Front does Morena's job

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Francisco Garfias.

At a time when they should be more united than ever, serious differences appear within the Broad Front for Mexico. The rebuttal over the charges shakes the foundations of that opposition alliance.

The anger is about the head of government of CDMX.

The PAN, invoking the pact it signed with the PRI in January 2023, wants to impose Santiago Taboada as the sole candidate of the FAM.

But Adrián Ruvalcaba, licensed mayor of Cuajimalpa, has already registered as a tricolor proposal; and deputy Luis Cházaro as the PRD card.

The blue does not recognize them as candidates. He claims his right to be “siglar” as a FAM candidate for Taboada.

In its logic, the PRI has already taken its toll on this pact with the candidates in Coahuila, Manolo Jiménez, and the State of Mexico, Alejandra del Moral.

The pact said that the blue and white would also “signify” the Front's presidential candidacy.

But the “pink tide” appeared and took away from Marko Cortés, national head of the PAN, the decision on the presidential candidacy, which was intended for Santiago Creel.

An open election was then planned, combined with polls, which ended with the designation of Xóchitl Gálvez as the virtual candidate of that opposition bloc.

The senator from Hidalgo remained the standard bearer, after the leaders of the opposition bloc agreed to “lower” the PRI Beatriz Paredes in the final stretch of the process, based on surveys, without reaching the promised open election.

Sources close to the process assure us that the blue does not recognize the records of Ruvalcaba and Cházaro. “The PAN position is either Taboada or Taboada,” they say. The absence of the mayor with a license from the Mayor's Office Benito Juárez in the Cházaro registry as a PRD proposal was notable.

Ruvalcaba did appear at the Sol Azteca headquarters. There he confessed that he would not attend the Taboada registration, carried out last Wednesday, "because he did not invite me."

Adrián did not stay still. His supporters blocked Paseo de la Reforma on Thursday to demand an internal process that defines the best profile of the Frente Amplio to challenge Clara Brugada in CDMX.

The PRI member also called a press conference yesterday in which he asked that “the democratic election process” of the Front candidate be completed.

“It would not be fair to any of the participants if they were removed from the process due to a decision that does not correspond to the feelings of society,” he said.


On the day of Cházaro's registration, which we attended, the grid He was in full force in the corridors of the PRD's CEN.

The atmosphere had heated up with the resignation from Sol Azteca of the local deputy, Víctor Hugo Lobo and 65 other cadres, after being left out of the PRD race for registration for CDMX.

The decisions of our party have been concentrated in a tyrannical triad where they have stripped citizens of the possibility of influencing,” said Lobo.

And he announced that, together with the 65 PRD cadres who simultaneously resigned from the PRD, a group called “Democratic Force” was created.

That same day we asked Marko Cortés about the disruptions described above. He turned it around:

“We are in that process. Registrations began today. What I do assure you is that we are going to come out united, cohesive, because we want to correct the course of this city and the country.”

Rosario Robles, former head of government of CDMX, spoke on the topic. She told Pepe Cárdenas on Radio Formula:

"I regret that instead of reaching the democratic process that the Front committed to, at this time we do not know if the three who registered, each in their parties, will have the endorsement of the three leaders."


Leonardo Lomelí Vanegas protested yesterday as rector of the UNAM. He did it in that atmosphere strained by the attacks he has received from the National Palace since he was designated Enrique Graue's successor. AMLO accuses him of being neoliberal.

A group of hooded porros welcomed him. They caused damage to the Rectory Tower and made offensive graffiti against Lomelí, according to reports.

To the offensive from the Palace, the new rector has responded with an offer of dialogue, but with a clear and firm message that he highlighted yesterday in his first speech: Autonomy will be a priority and an unavoidable commitment of his management.


The mayor of Magdalena Contreras, Luis Gerardo Quijano, gave his Second Report yesterday. In his speech he highlighted the advances in public safety, works, health, ecology, sports and social programs.

He cited figures from the CDMX Citizen Council to highlight that the mayor's office he governs is the third lowest in high-impact crimes per 100 thousand inhabitants. Something to brag about.


The charge El Frente does the work for Morena appeared first in El Arsenal.

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