The Forgotten of Tlahuelilpan!

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Raul Flores Martinez.

Three years have passed since the explosion of part of the oil pipeline that runs from the port of Tuxpan, Veracruz to the city of Tula, which left 138 dead, dozens of orphaned children, an unfinished memorial and government oblivion.

So much was presumed by President Andrés López Obrador, the support for the residents to leave the huachicoleo that three years after the misfortune the support vanished or was simply forgotten.

It is said by those affected and also by the authorities who point out that their hands have been tied and they cannot fight against the monster of bureaucracy to request help for their citizens.

Something that is not known about the explosion of the pipeline in Hidalgo is that it was not Tlahuelilpan, but in the territory of the municipality of Tlaxcoapan, for which the municipal authorities of Tlahuelilpan are unable to request the flow of support, due to the fact that the explosion was in the neighboring municipality, despite the fact that the majority of victims are citizens of this municipality.

Perhaps the government of the Fourth Transformation forgot that in Tlahuelilpan alone, there were three neighborhoods with 140 families affected by the explosion, of which only 37 received government support.

The support was for pastry projects, cheap kitchens, products for the rental of canvas chairs that disappeared in the face of the pandemic, and currently only 3 families have this support, the coronavirus pandemic also affected them.

It is also known that Petróleos Mexicanos is responsible for buying the property where the explosion took place to build a memorial. However, it is not known when this work will be carried out, because legally there is no one who transfers the rights to the property, the owner died of Covid.

What should be clear is that the delivery of support by the various dependencies of the Federal and State Government stopped flowing. An example is that some students who were benefited stopped receiving the support, having gone from kindergarten to elementary school to middle school or high school.

As in all misfortunes, nobody knows what the criteria were for granting support to the affected families, families that are not half of the victims left by the drilling of the Pemex pipeline, a drilling that left a great mark on the country and a lack of commitment of the famous 4T.

The charge Los Olvidados de Tlahuelilpan! first appeared in The Arsenal.

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