The fairies that fulfill dreams

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Herta Fricke unexpectedly suffered the separation of her marriage and faced the reality of having to take care of her children alone. Although at first she was overwhelmed by her financial worries, she soon found the path to success for herself.

Although he grew up under a very religious education, it ended up getting cold. “I was interested in having my family financially well, without caring about other people; I stopped loving, giving warmth, smiling. But that economic comfort, in my loneliness, tasted like defeat. It was then that I decided to start a dream I had as a child: create a foundation to help.”

He talked about it with his children and together they undertook the adventure. Their personalities were very different, so the Herta Fricke Foundation initially had various causes: senior citizens, unemployment, children and ecology, among others. But they would soon find their great passion in common.

The fairies of dreams

Since the foundation was very versatile at the time, one of its activities was to bring gifts to children in hospitals. One day, when visiting Siglo XXI, in CDMX, instead of giving a gift to a little boy who was suffering from a terminal illness, they helped him fulfill a dream, and it was at that moment that word began to spread that there was some “fairies” who fulfilled dreams.

Then a social worker asked me: 'What would happen if I asked you to take a girl to the beach?' I told him I would do it. She then told me: 'What if you had to take her family?' I answered yes again, although I felt like she was compromising me too much. She then asked me: 'What if you had to take a nurse?' I said yes again. In the end, she also accompanied the child and it was a beautiful experience.”

Already focused on what the foundation calls the “path of dreams,” one day they arrived at the National Institute of Cardiology in CDMX and told the children: “We are the fairies of dreams, whatever you have we can grant them.” The boy Alex asked to be healthy and go out to play with his friends; Herta couldn't explain to him that they couldn't give it to him. Days later, he was discharged.

Noreen, one of Herta's children, tells the story of Joctan, a boy who had severe bone cancer. He “He asked me for support, because he needed an injection of 140 thousand pesos to be a candidate for a bone marrow transplant. We started raising funds; Joctan and I communicated by cell phone. Suddenly he told me that he had a surprise for me; I thought he already had the money, but what he wanted to tell me was that the doctors had no longer found any trace of the disease in him.”

For his part, Alberto, another of Herta's children, is very aware of the story of a boy who was very sick, but dreamed of being famous and having Jenga. “We gave the toy to him; As for the other thing, we didn't know how to do it. We recorded a video of a song with him to raise people's awareness about the situation of children with cancer. One day we went to give him the news that we were going to take him to Cancun, we arrived with the song at full volume, and he began to tell his colleagues: 'It's my video. I am famous!'. His health improved miraculously.”

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