The extra expenses of the Mayan Train!

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Raul Flores Martinez.

It seems that it is already coming to light, the excessive expenses that are being made in the works of the Tabascan messiah, those works like the Mayan Train that supposedly because they are made by the Mexican Army, would save resources.

Seeing is believing that according to the Superior Audit of the Federation, it was determined that the National Fund for the Promotion of Tourism made excess payments of 1,86.7 million pesos in the works of Section 4 of the Mayan Train.

The works paid in excess, according to the Audit of Compliance with Physical Investments 115 of the Public Account 2021, are related to incorrect estimates made regarding the volumes of work built.

Section 4 of the Maya Train goes from Izamal, Yucatán, to Cancún, Quintana Roo, it is 257 kilometers long and, in addition to the double railway track, includes complementary works, such as 5 railway stations, two highway service areas, four slopes, four junctions, 61 drainage works, one maintenance base, eight returns, 26 underpasses, 55 cattle crossings, 19 wildlife crossings, 62 existing access roads and one service road.

The two contracts awarded to two construction consortiums that during 2021 executed a total of 234 work concepts, for which they collected 6 thousand 334.9 million pesos.

The Superior Audit of the Federation considered that there were excess payments in the amount of 492 million 942 thousand pesos in three concepts of the subheading of "retaining walls", due to the fact that higher amounts were considered in the direct cost of materials.

"There remains a pending amount of 492 million 942.0 thousand pesos to be clarified, due to the fact that from the recalculation of unit prices prepared by the work residence, it was verified that there are differences in the matrices of unit prices with respect to the inputs of concrete, steel, falsework, filling, filter layer and waterproofing for each linear meter of wall, based on what is indicated in the plans of the retaining wall project”.

Also, he added, there were excess payments for an amount of 400 million 271 thousand pesos, in six concepts of the 'pavements' subheading, due to the fact that higher amounts were considered in the direct cost of materials.

"Amounts to Clarify: 1,086,757,360.87 pesos pending clarification were determined," said the ASF.

Thus, the extra expenses that are incurred in one of the magnanimous works of President López Obrador, who assured them this day will begin to disqualify these audits, as is his healthy habit, when he does not like something.

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