The European Commission "immediately" suspends all aid to the Palestinians

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Today, Monday, Brussels "immediately" suspended all payments for aid programs to the Palestinian community. "As the largest donor to the Palestinians, the European Commission is going to put its entire development aid portfolio, valued at 691 million euros, under review," announced the European Commissioner for Neighborhood, the Hungarian Oliver Varhelyi, less than 24 hours of the extraordinary meeting of European foreign ministers called this morning by the high representative, Josep Borrell, where the future of these items will be examined. Germany and Austria announced today the suspension of their aid to the Palestinians in response to the attacks carried out by the Hamas group this weekend.

"The scale of terror and brutality against Israel and its people is a turning point. We cannot continue as if nothing had happened," Varhelvy defended in a message on social media in which he detailed that "all payments have been immediately suspended." ", all projects "put under review" and "all new budget proposals, including this year's, postponed until further notice." His services, he has advanced, will carry out a "thorough" review of all aid items destined for the Palestinian people.

"The foundations for peace, tolerance and coexistence must be confronted now. Incitement to hatred, violence and the glorification of terror have poisoned the minds of too many people. Action is needed and it is needed now," concludes the European commissioner in his message on the social network revision.


The scale of terror and brutality against #Israel and its people is a turning point.

There can be no business as usual.

As the biggest donor of the Palestinians, the European Commission is putting its full development portfolio under review, worth a total of EUR 691m

— Oliver Varhelyi (@OliverVarhelyi) October 9, 2023 ">

Brussels has moved extremely quickly. Only two hours earlier, the community executive's communication service had simply announced that "the Commission is currently assessing how recent tragic events may affect our current and future development aid." "EU funding supports most essential services for the Palestinian population and also contributes direct funding to the Palestinian Authority," stressed Foreign Affairs spokesman Peter Stano, making it clear that the EU "does not fund Hamas." group classified as terrorist by the EU, which suspended all contact with it 16 years ago.


The vanguard

Since Saturday, the European Commission has repeatedly expressed its solidarity with Israel following the attack by the Islamist group and has reiterated that the Jewish state "has the right to defend itself" while respecting "international law and humanitarian legislation."

Since the weekend, the buildings of the community institutions have been illuminated with the colors of the Israeli flag and placed among the European emblems. "Israel has the right to defend itself, today and in the days to come. The EU stands with Israel," European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen tweeted this weekend.

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