The Ecuadorian Prosecutor's Office requests house arrest for former President Lenín Moreno | International

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The former president of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno, in a 2019 image.HENRY ROMERO (REUTERS)

The prosecutor, Diana Salazar, has requested this Friday preventive detention for the former president of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, six of his relatives and 30 other people for their alleged participation in the crime of bribery. According to Salazar, Moreno and his family circle, which includes his wife, his daughter, two brothers and their sisters-in-law, would have received $660,000 in bribes from the Chinese construction company Synohodro, which was contracted to build the Coca hydroelectric plant. sinclair elbow

At the hearing to formulate charges, this Friday in Quito, after being suspended twice, the prosecutor requested preventive detention for the 37 involved, of which 14 must comply at their homes for being over 65 years of age, including the former president Lenin Moreno. In addition, she requested the immobilization of bank accounts at the national level, and international criminal assistance to Switzerland, Spain, Panama, China, Paraguay, the United States and Belize to retain the accounts that the defendants have in those countries.

The hypothesis of the Prosecutor's Office is that the illegal actions would have occurred between 2009 and 2018 when Moreno held the position of vice president in the Government of Rafael Correa. The amount of the alleged crime of bribery would be 76 million dollars, which corresponds to 4% of the initial value contracted for a work that was 1,979 million dollars, although in the end the country paid 2,245 million for the dam. Salazar explained that the 76 million dollars moved through the national and international financial system between 2009 and 2018, in what he described as the largest corruption case prosecuted in this country.

Lenin Moreno has been in Paraguay since his term ended in 2021, after being nominated as commissioner of the Organization of American States (OAS) on disability issues.

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