The economy is stagnant and the debt continues to grow, Víctor Fuentes reproached the Secretary of the Treasury

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Mexico.- Almost four years after the beginning of this administration, the economic situation for the Mexican population is stagnant and the debt continues to grow, said PAN senator Víctor Fuentes Solís.

The legislator questioned, during the appearance before the Upper House, the Secretary of Finance and Public Credit, Rogelio Ramírez de la O, about the contracting of debt contemplated in the 2023 Economic Package, which amounts to 1.1 billion pesos, 50 percent more of what was contracted by Peña Nieto in 2018.

“The Fourth Report indicates that the zero corruption plan has allowed the collection of an additional 2.4 billion pesos, if this were true, why is an expenditure requested for 2023 of almost 8.3 billion pesos? Why is a ceiling of debt of more than 1.1 billion pesos? Secretary accept that we are not on the right track in economic matters, ”he emphasized.

In addition, he said that this government charges more taxes to people with less income through inflation that already exceeds 8.7 percentage points.

“Without a doubt, the conditions that we are experiencing between the high incidence of crime, lack of opportunities and bad economy, are suffocating the population that is prey to the hidden tax that this government is prescribing to people with less income, through the uncontrollable inflation”, emphasized Víctor Fuentes.

The senator pointed out four points that he considered key to the current economic situation in Mexico, including the increase in debt and taxes, and the stagnation of investment, for which he pointed out that if the government continues to spend more than it enters, a new crisis will be generated like the one experienced at the end of 1994.

“Using the data presented by the Government of Mexico, I leave you here these sheets about your management, Secretary, in which it is indicated that the economy is stagnant, taxes continue to grow, investment decreases and unfortunately the debt has exceeded to that generated by Peña Nieto at the time. If we continue like this, our destiny is a new crisis like the one we experienced in 1994”, Fuentes Solís concluded.

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