The director and producer Pablo de Antuñano proposes solving the problems and not just talking about them

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For the director and producer Pablo de Antuñano awarded at festivals such as Venice and known for his works It was the State, We Were All (2019), Suicide (2017) and The Guest (2015) announces a turn in his career to not only address the Social problems of the Mexico City but also in contributing to solutions.

He is also a writer, author of the 'Penguin Woman' (2021) considers that in Mexico "society has become accustomed to study and document very well the problems that the country suffers and there are not many efforts to find solutions.

That is why with its producer and SUMA publishing house apart from continuing to address these problems in films and documentaries, it will launch the Minerva Plan seeking to generate in Mexican society the creation of a new social pact to stop continuing to talk about the issue and open the way towards a society where a new reality and a new image of Mexico may be possible.

During the promotion of her new book 'The Penguin Woman' in Mexico City, she has felt the need to contribute from your cinematographic work to begin to address the solutions to the problems that he has documented for years, one of the most important for him being to resolve the violence against women: "a social pact is necessary to defend women's rights and girls, with clear commitments, budgets and responsibilities," he declared.

On August 23, it premiered in Durango at the prestigious Victoria Theater the work of his authorship 'Geronte' and derived from the impact on the public, Antuñano reflected on whether continuing to talk about these issues and represent them is enough.

'Geronte', directed by Claudia Goytia – and which includes in its cast the participation of Victor Hugo Galvan, Lourdes Castillo, Fatima Stenner and Roberto Castrellón– transmits a message of conscience for society and the family, with a very deep topic and reflections on the common social problems that afflict, above all, the population of the third age and that, many times, they are ignored by the youngest.


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