The devastating effects on children’s mental health due to war in Ukraine


Despite everything, the UNICEF adviser stressed that, thanks to their natural resilience, many affected children “will recover” if they can return to school and begin to feel some normalcy in their lives.

Others will need further psychological support, while a smaller but significant number will develop symptoms of PTSD usually within two to four months of their experience. This group will need intensive support from a dedicated set of professionals.

However, Greenberg denounced the dire situation of social workers, child psychologists and other professionals in the country and the need to offer them support so that they can stay in Ukraine and carry out their work. Greenberg announced that more options are being studied to expand support for these professionals.

“Since February 24, UNICEF and its partners have reached more than 140,000 children and their caregivers with mental health and psychosocial services and the vast majority of which has been direct work with children and trained psychologists,” Greenberg explained.

Likewise, he highlighted that another 34,000 children have benefited through specialized social work services, and others have been referred to support services, while the agency expands the mobile teams of social workers, child psychologists, nurses and lawyers.

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