The dedication of Lionel Messi's goal after his dream debut with Inter Miami on a night in which there was no shortage of memes

With a great goal from Messi, Inter Miami took the victory.

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The League Cup It started off in the best way. Inter Miami took victory in their first game of the competition after beating Cruz Azul 2-1 at Lockhart Stadium. The party had the Lionel Messi's dream debut: a goal from a free kick in the last minute of the game. After his annotation, the Argentine had a curious dedication in a day full of emotion and memes.

Ricardo Ferretti's team played a great game against Inter Miami. Despite the fact that the scoreboard indicated a tie in the final minutes of the match, The Machine was a little better on the pitch. But the "Messi factor" is always there.

The captain of the Albiceleste came on as a replacementSergio Busquets also made his debut in the same way, but the Argentine was the decisive player for Inter Miami's victory. Euphoria took over the stadium with Messi's first goal in an Inter jersey.

“I just had the last one. I tried, as I always do. I was lucky that it happened, that it went to the goal, that the goalkeeper did not arrive and it was a goal. It is a huge joy. Beyond the fact that it is another championship, victory is very important to gain confidence“Messi explained after the game.

Who did Lionel Messi dedicate the goal to?

The dedication of the Argentine was not about Antonella Roccuzzo, nor any of her children. Messi surprised everyone by dedicating his goal to Ian Fray. The 20-year-old American had to withdraw from the match due to injury. The curious thing about the case is that Lionel Messi spoke of the youth with a lot of base, leadership and knowledge about the last moments of his careereven listing the constant injuries to which he has been subjected.

I dedicate it to Ian (Fray) who was suffering in the locker room due to the injury he had, who is coming off two very serious injuries, a long time, and has the bad luck of going through an injury that we believe is serious again. Send them a lot of strength, he is a very young boy. He will surely recover and he will be with us again and hopefully it will be as soon as possible, ”said Messi.

The memes of the victory of Inter Miami led by Lionel Messi

Through social networks, users would not miss the opportunity to relate with creative images what happened in the game. The memes humorously reported how Lionel Messi's debut was and Cruz Azul's bitter defeat.

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