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Carlos J. Perez Garcia.

ORn opinion article can be very different from others; Let’s say: descriptive, indeterminate, adjectival or judgmental, deep, superficial, neutral, militant or committed, dry, emotional, affable, smooth, fluid, burnished… Also, of course, the preferences of those who read vary.

Columns in the newspaper don’t come naturally to me: it takes me a lot of time and effort to make them and revise (unmake) them over and over again. There is no art here, but craftsmanship. And, sometimes, to make them less flat or boring, I add colloquial twists or even a bit of fiction that draws the reader in or conveys something metaphorically.

We can remember that, in this space, the current president he has already died several times, or became unable to govern due to serious physical or mental problems. At the time they will not have seemed like good wishes, even if they were advances of a possible dignified exit for him and the country as his government became so complicated without acceptable results or prospects. It could be, they point out to me, the corollary of the gradual disintegration of a person whose popularity no longer compensates for the enormous pressures.

Now that scenario is gaining strength not only because of the news and real doubts about his health, but also because of the inconsistent information and his peculiar announcement of a “political testament”, which would be released when he dies. Much of this confirms his messianism and megalomania, his egocentrism or mental dislocation, but we summarize here other angles of interest.

Since our Constitution establishes what proceeds in case of absolute absence of the President of the Republic, the foregoing could refer to “a sheet of shroud” for his supporters in the government, in society and in the Congress of the Union. Of course, both his movement and his deputies have leaders as questionable as Mario Delgado and Nacho Mier or Sergio Gutiérrez, which does not bode well for this or for constitutional reforms.

A legacy or testament reminds us of those of Hitler, Mussolini, Franco or Perón in the fascist right-wing. But there are also those of a radical left such as Mao Zedong, Ho Chi Minh, Fidel Castro or Hugo Chávez. In the long run, it was complicated for them to perpetuate themselves in power through their ideas and their suggestions almost never worked out for them. post-mortem, even with turns towards very different courses. North Korea is different and implies tight military control.

Of special interest are the cases of Germany, Italy and Spain with rebirths of democracy, or those of China and Vietnam with capitalist market economies (neoliberal). Great personalities such as the Spanish Adolfo Suárez and the Chinese Deng Xiaoping, who we have seen a little in this space, stand out.

In Mexico, look, when their promises did not materialize They will seek to renew hopes around a mythical figure. In short, I hope that what is to come… will be better for almost everyone, including a national leader who, right or wrong, is already part of our history.

* THERE IS A LOT OF TALENT AMONG network users who question the federal government, although various criticisms, ridicule, insults, questions or suggestions that tend to focus on the person of the president and his immediate environment predominate. Classist, racist or superficial attacks or memes even make him a victim and give him popularity among his most loyal and less educated supporters.

It is insisted that it is preferable to stop seeing him, listening to him, talking about him… The point is that all this attention (criticism, analysis and insults) only feeds him more, and we have to “take him out of the air” (deflate him): it is As the bullies at school or in the neighborhood, which is strengthened when we talk about it. This notary has not agreed and has always opposed this because he thinks that the great problems of the country should not be ignored or silenced, nor the costly mistakes of politicians.

However, now I am presented with elements that make it easier to apply this “exclusion clause”, since the most serious situations and their possible solutions could continue to be pointed out, but without personalizing… it would be like erasing the name, which is understood. It is worth seeing how something like this can be put together and promoted, with the participation of the media and civil society organizations.

The key, listen, is to reduce the enormous damage caused to Mexico by excessive attention to its person due to nonsense and scandals, which also distract from what is important.

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