The death toll rises to 15 in protests over the sentencing of Senegalese leader | News

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A total of 15 people have died in the violent protests taking place in Senegal, after the opposition leader Ousmane Sonko was sentenced to two years in prison for the alleged crime of corruption of minors, which would prevent him from being a candidate in the elections. presidential of 2024.


At least nine dead leave opposition protests in Senegal

According to press reports, after the nine deaths confirmed by the authorities on Thursday, another six occurred this Friday, four in the Senegalese capital, Dakar (west), and two more in the city of Ziguinchor, capital of the region of the same name. (southwest), where Sonko is mayor.

The former Senegalese Prime Minister, Aminata Touré, asked this Saturday the International Criminal Court to investigate the police repression against the protests.

In another statement, also published on the social network Facebook, the politician assured that the sanction against Sonko is unfair because the Court did not prove the charges that were initially imputed to him: rape and death threats.

Starting this Friday, Army troops and armed men in civilian clothes were deployed at strategic points in Dakar, such as Independence Square - where demonstrations had been announced - and at fuel stations and other sectors.

Interior Ministry spokesman Maham Ka told local media that security forces are properly handling the situation and have been deployed to protect vital facilities from possible vandalism.

For his part, the head of the Interior, Antoine Félix Diome, announced the restriction of access to social networks and messaging services to prevent the spread of hate messages and incitement to violence.

Participants in the protests believe that the attempt to criminalize Sonko is due to a maneuver by the current Senegalese president, Macky Sall, to eliminate important candidates for the upcoming presidential elections. From this, they denounced the "instrumentalization" of justice by the president.

Known for his "anti-system" speech, Sonko criticizes bad governance, corruption and French neocolonialism; which is why he has many followers among the Senegalese youth.

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