The cutting and sale of natural Christmas trees begins in Tlalpan

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• Prices range from 900 to 3 thousand pesos.

• They will receive payments with cards and transfers.

The mayoress of Tlalpan, Alfa González Magallanes cut down the first natural Christmas tree, in the Rancho "Las Palomas", Paraje Las Palomas, with which the commercialization of Christmas trees of the Oyamel, Viking and Douglas species begins, as well as plants of Christmas Eve flowers from seven places in the Tlalpan forest.

He said that this municipality is number one in the production of natural Christmas pines and for this year there are more than 14,800 and 154,000 Christmas Eve flower plants, with which an economic benefit of more than 35 million pesos is expected.

He specified that in Tlalpan, of 20 commercial forestry plantations, only 12 of them survived the pandemic and cover around 50 hectares, so the mayor's office created an economic support program so that they continue to plant their products and a crop school was implemented where They teach them to improve crops.

González Magallanes called on the population to come cut down their tree and buy their Christmas Eve flowers with which they will be helping the economic recovery, and announced that two other events like this will take place, one on November 26 in the Las Maravillas area in the community of San Miguel Topilejo and another on December 3 in the El Cofre area in Ajusco so that the population can also get to know them.

He emphasized that the mayor's office is preparing what is necessary to take part of the production of Christmas trees and Christmas Eve flowers for sale to the Center of Tlalpan and the lower area.

In her speech, the General Director of the Environment, Sustainable Development and Economic Development of the mayor's office, Rosalba Hernández Martínez, pointed out that the cutting of Christmas trees does not mean that it is deforestation, because when one is cut down, another is planted immediately.

Earlier, the owner of the plantation, Rancho las Palomas, Arnulfo Sosa Manjarrez, accompanied by several other producers, announced that each 2-meter-tall tree takes a 7-year care process, however, once they are cut another is planted, for which they have their own nursery where they grow the seedlings.

He indicated that Christmas trees have a minimum size of 1.5 meters and prices fluctuate between 900 and 3 thousand pesos depending on the size; while Christmas Eve flowers cost between 60 and 300 pesos and buyers can pay with credit or debit cards or bank transfers.

The schedule of the seven places for the cutting of Christmas trees will be available from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and until December 24.

Places and locations where you can buy natural Christmas trees and Christmas Eve flowers:

1. Rancho Las Palomas, community of San Miguel and Santo Tomás Ajusco.
located at km 13 of the Picacho-Ajusco Highway, in Lomas de Tepemecatl, where we will cut the first natural Christmas tree.
2. The Little Chest and Magueyitos.
Located at Km 12.5 of the Picacho Ajusco Highway in Santo Tomás
I adjust.
3. The Chest
Located at Km 12.5 of the Picacho Ajusco Highway in Santo Tomás Ajusco.
4. Punta del Cerro.
Located on Av. de la Felicidad and Camino al Tanque, San Miguel Ajusco, ejido de la Magdalena Petlacalco.
5. The Siphon.
Located at km 36.5 of the Federal Highway to Cuernavaca in San Miguel Topilejo.
6. The Top.
Located at km 43.5 of the Federal Highway to Cuernavaca in San Miguel Topilejo.
7. The Wonders.
Located at km 37 of the Federal Highway to Cuernavaca in San Miguel Topilejo, Tlalpan.

It should be noted that the cutting of the first natural Christmas tree was also attended by Councilor Dan Ake de la Luz, Emilia Vidal Arzate, President of the National Council of Women Entrepreneurs of Coparmex, Deputy Luis Alberto Chávez García, as well as various ejidal Commissioners.

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