The Cristiada by Eduardo Verástegui

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By. Jose C. Serrano

Jean Meyer He was born in Nice, France in 1942. He has taught and researched at the Colegio de México, at the University of Perpignan, France, and at the Colegio de Michoacán, among other institutions. He is the author of more than 30 books, including: The Cristiada (1975), History of Christians in Latin America (1989), I, the French (2002), Synarchism, Cardenismo and the Church (2003).

In the words of Jean Meyer: “La Cristiada is the name that the popular voice gave to the great war that broke out between the government of President Calles and a good part of Mexican Christianity… La Cristiada or the dramatic and moving story of a people that feels wronged in his faith and, therefore, he challenges an iron government and an army that surpasses him in all areas except one: that of sacrifice”.

meyer recovered the origin, the heat and the consequences of a civil war that between 1926 and 1933 cost the lives of 250 thousand people, of which 90 thousand were soldiers from both sides. In the battlefields the battle cry resounded: Long live Christ the King!

In recent times, Jose Eduardo Verastegui Cordoba, born in Ciudad Mante, Tamaulipas, 49 years ago; With studies at Televisa's Centro de Educación Artística (CEA), he burst onto the political scene with the intention of joining the list of 19 candidates for the 2024 presidential candidacy, as reported by the media.

Eduardo Verastegui, telenovela exactor has become ultraconservative leader. Currently, he runs a Catholic organization called ¡Viva México! It is an extended network in practically the entire country where other organizations such as the Front for the Family, Opus Dei, The Legionaries of Christ, the Pro-Life Movement and Catholic businessmen with financial capacity.

to the cry of Long live Christ the King and die to socialism!, verástegui orchestrated in November 2022 the international meeting of the Conservative Political Action Conference, which has relevant partners from other parts of the world.

In his speech, verástegui lashes out with intense fury against the left. "They wanted to destroy our hope and now they want to destroy our faith," warns the exactor. As a backdrop, behind him, emerges the image of the Basilica of Guadalupe.

verástegui he does not act alone and has a large checkbook to increase his movement. He is convinced that in Mexico there is room for an ultra-conservative electoral force, Catholic in nature, preferably white and middle-class; with people who feel that during the obradorismo they have been humiliated and stripped of their identity.

The actor from Tamaulipas has experience as a filmmaker, Together with his work team, they have undertaken film productions, whose purpose is to generate awareness in the viewer about social and family issues.focused from the religious perspective, Catholic, specifically.

Eduardo Verastegui leaves aside the contributions of religious scholars, who affirm that beliefs, and thus following a religion, whatever it may be, according to their thoughts is always something personal and, therefore, should not be a collective right and much less obligatory to belong to one or another religion.

But the worst comes when, using these personal beliefs, religion is used to stigmatize one or other human beings or, more worrying, when this is intended to provoke hatred, tension and even indoctrination. Religious practice is an individual right, open to confessionality, that is, not having a specific religion or belief.

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