The corgis of Queen Elizabeth II join the last goodbye to the monarch | Photos


Muick and Sandydogs corgi of the Queen Isabel IIjoined the last goodbye to the monarch, who passed away on September 8.

During the funeral service of His Majesty, which was broadcast on the official channel of the Royal Family, the two dogs could be seen sitting on the esplanade windsor castle.

Next to the corgis, who wore collars and leashes, were two royal guards.

Photo: The Royal Family

The Duke and Duchess of York, Prince Andrew, and his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, will take charge of the two dogs Corgis of Queen Elizabeth II.

Photo: Reuters

Muick was a gift from Andrew himself to his mother in early 2021 during the Queen’s confinement at Windsor Castle and Sandy was a 95th birthday gift from Andrew and Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

Elizabeth II had throughout her reignor more than 30 welsh corgi type dogsa race to which the monarch had special devotion.

These dogs became, along with their hats, one of the most recognizable signs of identity of the late queen.

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