The controversial Andrés Escobar would be a Cali councilor

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The now official had the support of the Democratic Center in his candidacy-credit @andresescobar2030/ Instagram
The now official had the support of the Democratic Center in his candidacy-credit @andresescobar2030/ Instagram

Andres Escobarremembered for having taken to the streets of Cali in the middle of social outbreak of 2021, he was elected councilor of the capital of Valle del Cauca.

Escobar, that would be close to references of the Democratic Center as Maria Fernanda Cabal and the same Alvaro Uribereceived the support of that political movement, through which he managed to position himself on the voting list.

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“I want to thank the Democratic Center for the support, for the trust, for giving me the endorsement. I am going to carry the flags of this party high. We are going to work comprehensively for Cali, with the flag of security. They call order authoritarianism and freedom a privilege, that is going to change,” Escobar said after confirming the support of the Democratic Center.

It should be noted that once the candidacy of the controversial citizen was announced, a certain sector of the Valle del Cauca capital expressed its indignation. This is because Escobar faces a formal accusation for having committed crimes such as usurpation of public functions, use or throwing of dangerous substances or objects and disproportionately aggravated threats.

Furthermore, in a broad display of the rejection against Escobar, Alejandro Éder, elected mayor of Cali, rejected the support of who will be councilor of the capital of Valle del Cauca. The possible official had shown his support for the then candidate for the Let's revive Cali movement.

However, a few hours after hearing the message from Escobar, Eder He pointed out that whoever will be a councilor of the capital of Valle del Cauca It is not part of his campaign. In fact, the businessman attacked him, arguing that he does not want links with those who solve problems with violence and outside the law.

Eder took the opportunity to accuse Escobar to work together with the Senator María Fernanda Cabal and the other candidate for mayor, Roberto Ortizwho placed second, behind the also former candidate for the Cali Mayor's Office in the 2019 elections.

Andrés Escobar took to the streets of Cali armed in the midst of the social outbreak of 2021- credit Documentary Cali: Everyone Screams
Andrés Escobar took to the streets of Cali armed in the midst of the social outbreak of 2021- credit Documentary Cali: Everyone Screams

Despite receiving rejection from the now leader of the Cali people, Andres Escobar knew how to “ally itself” with a sector of the Christian churches in the capital of Valle del Cauca. This support was finalized a few weeks before the elections were carried out. elections on October 29, 2023.

Specifically, it involved the support of 130 pastors of Christian churches in the city. This, taking into account that, as stated Escobarhe has stood out for “his defense of Christian values,” which include the protection of the family in its original design, the defense of life from conception, solidarity with those in need and support for the authorities,

Those principles would have been the pillars of his campaign to Cali Council and that could have borne fruit if his election for said position was confirmed.

During an event in which the support of the churches was formalized, he stated that his approach is to resist what he considers the “gender ideology”, the “indoctrination of children” and the “destruction of Christian principles and national values”.

Although his arrival at Cali Council seems to be heading, Escobar remains in the eye of the hurricane due to the criticism of which it is the target throughout the national territory for its position in the middle of the social outbreak. Such a situation forced the person who would be an official to launch a reflection through his social networks about the events committed in 2021.

“The way is not weapons. The path is not a civil war. My intention is not to call for hatred or resentment that is being distilled so rapidly within the framework of the national strike,” Escobar said through his social networks in 2021.

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