The Colón fan nominated for The Best award spoke: “We thought it was a joke”

The Colón fan nominated for The Best award spoke: “We
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Toto Iñíguez spoke with the official broadcast prior to Colón's match against Rosario Central

The announcement of the nominees for The Best award paralyzed the world of football this Thursday and one of the most striking elections was with the list for the award of the best fan in the world, where Argentina will have representation to defend the achievement achieved in the edition. pass.

The image of a Columbus fan giving his baby a bottle was replicated dozens of times on social networks in the last few hours and the protagonist of the story spoke with TNT Sports about the surprise that overwhelmed him when he heard the news. “I never expected it. She was immensely crazy. We were speechless the moment we found out. We thought it was a joke, but when we got the calls and they told us it was real, it was crazy. Being able to represent all the people Sabalero it makes me very happy", declared Toto Iñíguez prior to his team's match against Rosario Central for the fourth round of the League Cup.

“Since I knew it, my old man brought me the first time and then I wanted to come to all the games. Be Sabalero It is heritage, family and tradition,” he added. His partner, Fernandoexplained behind the scenes of that fragment that traveled the world: “I was next to them. We went in at halftime and I gave it to him so he could give him milk because I was also tired of my arms and they just hooked him to him., but it was next to it.” Furthermore, she shared her disbelief: “First, we didn't believe. Until he went to work and my cell phone exploded. That's when I really started to fall."

Next, Iñiguez He was excited about raising that statuette and asked the public for help: “We take this opportunity to ask the fans of the Argentine people to support us with a vote to make this dream come true. Being there would be for life.” Anyone can enter the official FIFA website by clicking here to provide their cooperation. It is worth remembering that Argentine fans were highlighted with this award in the previous ceremony for his permanent encouragement in the Qatar World Cup.

Your visit to Elephant Cemetery included a special gift from one of the team leaders led by Nestor Gorositogiven that Facundo Garces He gave him a signed shirt. Minutes before, she had anticipated the gift in a conversation with the same channel: “It fills me with pride that they feel this way and In a little while I will give him and his entire family a gift.. It is very important and also shows what Colón is, a family. I hope I can get lucky and win it.”

According to the official site of the FIFA, the moment starring the fan “captured the desire to transmit to his son the love for the club's colors since he was little.” His competitors in the shortlist are Miguel Angela fan of Millonarios de Colombia who fulfilled his last wish by meeting the first team squad before he was euthanized due to illness, and Fran Hurndall, who traveled 1,000 kilometers from the Gold Coast to Sydney with a ball at his feet. This challenge aimed to “serve as an inspiration to women and girls in sports.”

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