The claim of the Israeli embassy to AMLO

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Francisco Garfias.

In the face of terrorism, there is no room for half measures. He must be condemned no matter where he comes from. The president has not done it. He has taken a lukewarm stance toward Hamas attacks against Israelis.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador hides behind the policy of non-intervention in the affairs of other countries that the Constitution mandates, but which was of no use in the case of Dina Boluarte's Peru.

In the case of Israel it does apply, because they deceptively want to present the Hamas group as defender of the Palestinian people.

“We do not want to take sides, because we want to be a factor in the search for a peaceful solution,” the president alleged in his morning conference.

Not taking sides against barbaric acts committed against the civilian population? These are words that should not be uttered by a man who assumes himself as a spokesperson for the defenseless.

It is precisely that people who also pay today, with much blood, for the terrorism of Hamas in Israel.

The newspaper The country cites reports that speak of 900 dead and 2,600 injured in Israel and, at least, 687 fatalities and 3,726 injured in

Things are going from bad to worse. The Israeli Army announced a “total blockade” of water, electricity and fuel to the Gaza Strip, where more than 2 million Palestinians live.

Hamas returned with the warning that it will kill an Israeli hostage – there are reports that 150 have been kidnapped – every time there is a bombing, without prior warning.


The Israeli embassy in Mexico acknowledged receipt of this lukewarmness. In a statement, he highlights that history has taught us that maintaining a neutral position instead of taking sides means, ultimately, supporting and supporting terrorism.

“We would appreciate if the Government of Mexico could consider a position that strongly condemns the barbaric acts perpetrated by the terrorist organization Hamas,” the unusual statement underlines.

He adds: “we firmly believe in the importance of condemning those acts that endanger the lives of civilians, as well as rejecting any manifestation of terrorism that threatens regional and international stability,” he concludes.

AMLO, by the way, reported that there are three Mexicans missing in Israel.

Two Boeing 737 planes of the Mexican Air Force, with capacity for 200 passengers, flew yesterday to Tel Aviv to repatriate compatriots trapped in the conflict.


The United States increased pressure on security issues during the visit of a high-level delegation to Mexico, the latest Eurasia report says.

The consulting firm, which advises investors around the world, recalls that last Thursday, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Minister of National Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, met with AMLO and members of his cabinet.

He says verbatim about the meeting:

“The meeting took place at a time when issues related to border security and fentanyl are becoming prominent topics in the United States.

“As a result, the Biden administration announced that it could not stop or redirect funding for its predecessor's wall on the US-Mexico border.”

Eurasia says that tensions were further accentuated when Secretary Rosa Icela Rodríguez, head of the federal SSP, contradicted the visiting delegation in the sense that fentanyl is not produced in Mexico, but is only trafficked through the country.

“Issues related to fentanyl and migration will continue to be critical issues as the 2024 elections approach in both countries,” the report predicts.


The sexual harassment scandal grows in Culiacán, Sinaloa. Banners appeared denouncing “harassers” of women supposedly protected by the Morenoist governor of the entity, Rubén Rocha.

"Wanted. Protected from Rocha Moya. Sexual and gender violence. Justice for all the women of Culiacán and Sinaloa,” say the banners, hanging at various intersections in the state capital.

A few days ago, the governor spoke about the case of an official from the Center for Women's Justice. He then said:

“He wants to be where he is because that is where he harasses. It is already proven that he sexually harasses women. We have not changed the area. I offered to move him to a place where there were only males like him, so that there would be no problem.”

He never said the stalker's name. The scandal escalated due to the suspicion that the president was protecting the harasser. The governor was forced to upload, 72 hours ago, a message on the X network that says:

“In my government, all violence against women and girls is punished. We are inflexible. “I personally instructed the immediate termination of the aggressor, as soon as I was informed of the events, on May 4.”

But again nothing about the name of the person who is said to be the president's “political godson.”


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