The challenges for the Good End begin; stores full and products out of stock

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Of the The Buen Fin will be held from November 17 to 20. However, since now The main stores have promotional strategies.

For consumers, chains must overcome two key challenges to convince this year: fewer full units and no missing products.

In a survey done by Excelsiorit could be observed that, this week, formats such as Sears, Sanborns and Liverpool maintain a discount campaign in various products; ranging from furniture and white goods, to screens and clothing.

I think this is due to marketing strategies, getting ahead of other stores, that is what is happening by advancing Buen Fin promotions, but let's not rule out that they join the campaign and offer more promotions," said Humberto Calzada, economist at head of Rankia Latam.

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And as chains look to clear inventory, according to a new YouGov polla firm specialized in market analysis technology, for commerce (both physical and online) to obtain good results in this discount season, two issues that have been crucial for Mexicans in previous editions will have to be resolved: full stores and products out of stock.

According to the study, these two problems have affected 29.9% and 27.6% of Mexicans, respectively; making them the most common negative experiences for buyers.

On the other hand, the firm revealed that six out of 10 Mexicans plan to participate in the next edition of Buen Fin. However, 16.7% of the population stated that they will not make any purchases in this editiondespite having participated in previous years.

It is interesting to note that the majority of those who declared that they will not buy anything this year belong to the group of over 55 years old,” YouGov noted.

The low participation of the older Mexican segment in the Good end It can be explained, in general terms, by greater skepticism towards the event; since, in general, a quarter of the consumers respondents indicated that there are no “genuine discounts” in the commercial campaign.”

According to Calzada, a trend of strengthened consumption continues, therefore, everything seems to indicate that The last part of the year will be positive for stores: “it could be a good end of the year for companies, it could be a good season due to the dynamism of consumption.”

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