The centennial vote leans towards Milei in Argentina

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Heading into Sunday's presidential elections in Argentina, the Freedom for All candidate, Javier Milei, is the favorite of young voters.

According to the analysis of the Taquion company, generation Z (born between 1995 and the early 2000s) reported 29% of the votes for this candidate.

The second favorite for this age group is the official Sergio Massa.

The current Minister of Economy of Alberto Fernández's government had 20% of the votes among this age group in the primary elections last August.

“It was necessary to get into politics. I believe that my generation has a responsibility to reverse what is happening in the country. Since we existed, we have never seen Argentina well,” Mila Zurbriggen, 24, told the analysis site Open Democracy.

The dollarization of the economy of the South American country and the disappearance of the central bank appear as his main proposals to govern the country.

In addition, the economic axis, the proposals of the 52-year-old candidate proposed a system of promissory notes for education, a gradual privatization of the health system, deregulation of the arms market and repealing the mandatory nature of Comprehensive Sexual Education ( ESI), which he considers an instrument for the destruction of the family.

For this reason, he has been compared to other politicians on the continent such as former US president Donald Trump and Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro.

The male vote has also opted for the far-right, who calls himself anti-system and criticizes the political class, which he calls caste.

“It's the change that Argentina needs,” said 28-year-old Milei voter Ayrton Ortiz, at a recent campaign event in the suburbs of Buenos Aires.

In his event celebrating the primary, open, simultaneous and mandatory elections (PASO), where he received the most votes, the presence of young people dominated.

Among the attendees were Venezuelan citizens, who, although they could not vote, expressed their rejection of left-wing groups.

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