The case of Dani Alves reaches the Barcelona Court in the steps prior to the trial

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The case of the former player of the FC Barcelona Dani Alvesaccused of alleged sexual assault to a young woman on December 30 at the Sutton nightclub, is already in the Barcelona Positional Hearingspecifically, in section 21, continuing with the procedural steps prior to trial against them.

As reported this Tuesday by the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC), section 21 of the Barcelona Court received yesterday, September 4, by distribution, the case against Dani Alves, from the investigating court 15, which had been in charge of the judicial investigation against him.

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The case against the former Brazilian national team is currently pending resolution of an appeal in the Third Section of the Court. Alves is located in preventive detention since last January 20 at Brians 2 Penitentiary Center.

Once this procedure has been completed, the necessary procedural journey will begin in the coming months to decide Alves's future. The process will take place in the coming months, first to conclude the caseand later, to qualify each of the parties and admit the testimonial and expert evidence for the trial.

Once all the processing is completed, section 21 of the Barcelona Court will set the trial date.

Alves appeared on August 2 before the head of the investigating court number 15 of Barcelonawhich reported its prosecution for a crime of sexual assault with carnal access.

In the car, the judge, who gave total credibility to the complainant's versionmaintained that Alves took the victim to a bathroom in the nightclub's booth and, once there, he pulled up her dress, made her sit on it and threw her to the floor to try to get him to perform fellatio on her, to which young man refused.

The girl's rejection "enraged the footballer," the judge added at the time, so he gave her “several slaps in the face”, He put her on her back, rubbed his penis against her body and penetrated her “violently.”

For his part, the former FC Barcelona player has offered up to justice four different versions of what happened in the bathroom of the nightclub, throughout the investigation of the case.

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After his arrest last January, he initially maintained that I didn't know the victimHe later admitted that he met the young woman in the bathroom of the nightclub. without anything happening between them and finally, when the judge confronted her explanations with the biological testsmaintained that the girl had performed a fellatio, consensual

Last April, when the results of the biological tests that found traces of Alves' semen in the victim's private parts were already known, The footballer testified again before the instructor at his own request.

In that appearance, admitted for the first time that he had had consensual sexual relations with the victim vaginally, and alleged that on the first occasion he had lied to hide his infidelity to his wife.

(With information from EFE and Aristegui News)

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