The cane belongs to the one who works it 2023/11/13

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On September 7, at the entrance of a restaurant in the historic center, surrounded by Morenoist politicians, Lopez Obrador He gave a “staff of command” to Claudia Sheinbaum. The still President said that he transmitted it to Morena's virtual presidential candidate "to direct our movement and give continuity to the transformation."

Was the founder of the ruling party really leaving Morena's decisions in the hands of his dolphin? Would she be the one to lead the selection process of hundreds of popular election candidates for 2024, including eight governorships and the Head of Government of Mexico City?

The symbols of power are very important to this President. At least on this level, the symbolic one, it seemed that he was transmitting the leadership of the movement/party. But symbols are one thing and reality is another. Many had reasonable doubts whether AMLO He was effectively inheriting power from the presidential candidate. Many, in fact, still have it. More, now, after Morena's decision to nominate Claudia Brugada as a candidate for the Head of Government of Mexico City instead of Omar García Harfuch.

And the thing is, when the former head of the capital's Police resigned from his position to launch himself as a possible Morena candidate for the capital, the perception was that, behind said candidacy, there was Sheinbaum. “It has already arrived Claudia”, it was said at that time to the four winds. The transmission of command had been real. The presidential candidate was already operating and making decisions.

Now it turns out that it wasn't like that. Although Sheinbaum pushed a lot Harfuchand this one was very high in the polls that Brugada (14 percentage points advantage), the party made the decision to nominate the former mayor of Iztapalapa.

They justify the determination by the obligation of the electoral authorities to designate five women of the nine candidates for governor next year, in an affirmative action of gender parity.

Morena, however, could have chosen five women in other states and left him Harfuch the candidacy in CDMX. They didn't do it because it wasn't politically convenient for them.

BrugadaWithout a doubt, he did his political work well. He mobilized all the resources at his disposal to press for his candidacy. And, let's not get balled, he did beat Claudiawho always wanted Harfuch.

for more spin communicative that they want to give to this decision, Sheinbaum it looks bad In this entire process, he has had to swallow three giant toads.

First, cancel an event in none other than the entity he governed, Mexico City, because there were no people. Terrible, for her, the photo of the empty Blue Stadium.

Then they did fill the Arena México to compensate for Azul's ridicule. But when the presidential candidate urged the public to shout “unity” for the capital, a large part of the public exclaimed “clear I win". Tremendous videos that circulated on social networks Claudia overwhelmed and lacking leadership.

Finally there is the third toad: accepting that clear was the candidate. No matter how much they argue about gender parity, Claudia It is weakened: it did not manage to put or impose its candidate.

They will say that he is not in control. They will say that the party's tough guys beat him, the support he had clear in the National Palace and even, for some, the direct intervention of the President. And maybe they are right.

But this denotes something more worrying than the lack of control within Morena: I am referring to the inability of the presidential candidate to operate politically to advance her preferences.

It is not about receiving a staff from the Great Leader and sitting back and watching everyone line up around you. Claudia He sinned from naivety and/or arrogance. He believed that only the symbolic gesture was necessary to make his chicharrones thunder.

That's not how politics works.

Even though you have the support of AMLO, Sheinbaum requires strategy and political operation. If you really wanted it Harfuch If he were the candidate, he should have made a map of the actors involved, their interests, beliefs, strengths and weaknesses. He should have measured the risks that were coming and developed a strategy to move forward. Harfuch. Finally, proceed to operate on it herself, along with people she trusts most.

The problem is not that AMLO has not transmitted command. Maybe the President had every intention of doing it, but Claudia He did not know how to do politics to seriously gain power. The cane belongs not only to the one who receives it, but also to the one who works with it.

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