The bureaucracy of the Iztacalco mayor's office

The bureaucracy of the Iztacalco mayor's office
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The bureaucracy that surrounds the administration of the Iztacalco mayor's office that he heads Armando Quintero MartĂ­nezis one of the evils that daily affects the residents of 229 Oriente Street in the Eastern Agricultural colony.

A tree more than 10 meters high due to the weight of its branches collapsed andLast August 31 of this year, raising with the roots the sidewalk that has generated garbage, rats and accidents for the residents of the area.

For Rebeca Silva Castillo, a resident of 229 Oriente Street, the situation of the tree fall that caused the breaking and lifting of the sidewalkhas been used by other neighbors, as a garbage collector that is creating harmful fauna.

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“Now we have the problem that since August 31 that fell, follow the root here. It's already been done, just like a rat's nest down there, people grab it from a garbage can and people, many people pass by here, have to get off to be able to cross the street."

Until now, three reports have been made from the beginning of September to the mayor's office so that they do what is necessary to remove the roots of the Fallen treeremove trash and above all fix the sidewalk, which forces neighbors and children to get off the sidewalk with the risk of being run over.

Two reports dated the 6th folio: SUAC-0609232160118, Folio: SUAC-0609232160144 and the last one, via telephone on September 8 of this year, are proof of the disdain and bureaucratism of the government of Armando Quintero MartĂ­nez.

The argument of the lack of attention by the mayor's officials is that three areas must do the work of cutting the roots, another take the material and the third repair the sidewalk, something that they cannot do because only one person would have to work.

To say of Don Ignacio Rangel GĂĄlvezwho has to use a treadmill to get around, citizen reports have been made in a timely manner, cannot leave their home for fear of falling and getting hurt due to their old age.

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He assured that the only thing that the neighborsis to avoid a major accident in the area, because the street is traveled by vehicles and tractor trucks who could be run over when getting off the sidewalk to avoid this affected zone.

“We are asking that they remove this, because it is a lot of risk for the people who pass by the school children in the morning, who have to get off the sidewalk, so it is a lot of risk and that they remove this tree so that the same thing does not happen. "Of this one, they can prune it, but no, complaints have been made, they can see the date on the papers and they ignore it."

It has been more than 77 days since the tree fell, More than two months since the residents of 229 Oriente Street have requested support from the Iztacalco mayor's office headed by Armando Quintero MartĂ­nez, who apparently does not see or hear them, for not being election season.

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