The Broad Front advances in a marsh 2023/11/18

The Broad Front advances in a marsh 2023/11/18
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According to what has been recorded in the newspaper archives, last Saturday was a strange day for the Frente Amplio por México. Alito Moreno, national president of the PRI, published a laudatory opinion article in which he exalts the virtues of his candidate and the well-deserved future that awaits us with her: “Because the needs of the people do not find a place in the Morenoist dogma and the resources publics have been privatized to satisfy whims. Because Xóchitl Gálvez Ruiz is the woman of strategy and action who throughout 30 years of political career has shown that she grows in the face of adversity and that she is capable of uniting those who are different to achieve a better future” (The universal 11/Nov/2023).

For his part, on a tour of several municipalities in Chiapas and after receiving the “baton of command”, which was given to him by Lorenzo López, secretary of Indigenous Action of the state PRI, in the middle of a traditional ritual representing 18 Tzotzil and Tzeltal municipalities. , Xóchitl, in his walk through his particular marsh against corruption, said that among the undesirable PRI members is Alito: “There are very bad PRI members (with whom) I would not work, like Bartlett, like Alito, or like the now former governor of Hidalgo (Omar) Fayad, who speaks of a Sinister Scam of two billion pesos in Hidalgo, the governor didn't know anything? But since they rewarded him with an Embassy, ​​well, he already betrayed the State, its principles." The Day and Reform11/Nov/2023).

In that mess of statements before the microphones, Alito explained about his candidate: “People's mental lapses or a comment they make, we will always respect.” In turn, the current senator on leave settled: “I spoke with Alito and offered an apology. “I am proud to walk with the PRI and I say it sincerely, I say it with conviction.”

At the end of the day, Xóchitl and Alito are links in that long chain of Mexican mediocrity that is so rewarded by exercising public service. They don't want to make fun of him. Yes, Andrés Manuel López Obrador has remained incoherent between many of his sayings and actions. He would agree that Claudia Sheinbaum appears as the spearhead of a man who presents the acts of an outlaw (or what is almost the same: let the law be applied, but on my compadre's oxen). The question, in any case, is the fact that they want to “rescue” the country. Rescue him from what? From the 4T, obviously. It is the center of his speeches. The absurd thing, in any case, is that Xóchitl and his cronies pose with broad smiles in front of the cameras, but in private they barely tolerate each other. With that meanness you can't even have the will to help an old man cross an avenue.

with that little one affair With Alito, Xóchitl actually showed the apathy that the President is so criticized for. At the time, when there was actually little doubt that the Hidalgo politician would be the opposition candidate, I pointed out in this space that a kind of survival instinct forces us to imitate whoever wins (those from the Front give and receive batons of command , please!). In that sense, at this point everything indicates that consulting a psychiatrist would not be a bad thing for that Mexico that has seen opportunities pass by like someone watching the speed of trains in stations that bear the name of “Hope” and “Change.” ” without ever addressing them.

And yes, it points out the commonplace that citizens have the governments they deserve. Let us not forget, however, that any politician suffers from “suspicion” (where is Santiago Creel, by the way?) from the moment the “mental lapses” arise.

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