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Boris Johnson is going to return to London, after a short Easter break at the Checkers country residence, to verify that, as in Monterroso's story, the dinosaur of the partygate has not disappeared. On Tuesday, when the British Parliament resumes its sessions – this Monday is a public holiday throughout the United Kingdom – the Prime Minister will go to Westminster to try to convince deputies and citizens that he is sorry for the parties banned in Downing Street during confinement; he will apologize again; he will insist that he was never aware of breaking the law and, finally, he will ask both of them to rise to the occasion and focus on the great international crisis that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused.

Johnson has recovered his desired profile as a statesman with an international performance that has been recognized in all its worth by the Labor opposition and the most critical media. But the decision by the Metropolitan Police last week to finally fine both the prime minister and his finance minister, Rishi Sunak, for attending one of the illegal events, has put the unresolved debate back on the table. of that scandal: if Johnson, contrary to what he constantly denied, lied to Parliament and broke the laws that he himself had imposed on the citizenry.

Labour, Scottish nationalists and Liberal Democrats have agreed to demand explanations from the Prime Minister this week and force the Conservatives to portray themselves. They have convinced the speaker (Speaker) of the House, Lindsay Hole, so that on Wednesday, in all probability, a motion will be voted on that accuses Johnson of having acted in contempt of Parliament (that is, disrespecting the institution), or even derives the matter to the Ethics Commission, which could end up deciding to suspend Johnson as a parliamentarian.

The Ministerial Code

In August 2019, when he took office, the British Prime Minister put his signature on the so-called Ministerial Code (Ministerial Code), the text that defines the ethical standards required of members of the Government. “It is extremely important that ministers [y eso incluye al primer ministro] give true and accurate information to Parliament, and correct any inadvertent errors as soon as possible. Those ministers who deliberately lie to Parliament are expected to tender their resignation”, says the first section of the Code.

According to the opposition, the fines imposed on Johnson and Sunak are a clear demonstration that they have been untrue in their appearances before the Chamber. “For the first time in the history of our country, a prime minister has broken the law. And he did it while British citizens were making unimaginable sacrifices, and he repeatedly lied about it,” Labor Opposition Leader Keir Starmer said. "He is not worthy of the job, and the longer he stays in Downing Street, the more he will denigrate the office of Prime Minister," Starmer has said.

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However, neither the breach of the Ministerial Code -which has no legal force nor a clear executor to apply it, but is rather a conventionally accepted norm- implies the necessary resignation of Johnson and Sunak, nor do they seem willing to admit any fault. At the time it all happened, Johnson and his team insist on defending him, he did not know that he was doing something prohibited, with which he had no intention, and therefore he cannot be accused of lying. "He will of course apologize again, and stress that he understands the intensity of public sentiment on this whole issue," a Downing Street spokesman said, "but he will also insist that we need to focus on the real priorities of the country." [Ucrania, y el incremento del coste de la vida]”.

Johnson will meet this Monday afternoon, despite being a holiday, his parliamentary group to give the first explanations, after the Police fine, and ask them to support him in the political emergencies that everyone has ahead: the next 5 Local elections will be held across the country in May, and the Conservatives could take a serious hit because of the partygate. That is also the reason why the opposition parties do not lower the pressure. They know that it is practically impossible for Members Tories (conservative) vote against Johnson, but any support in the House to cover their shame will be used against them during the election campaign.

Johnson, the instigator

In November 2020, Lee Cain, who was the prime minister's communication director, decided to leave his post. Along with star adviser and Brexit ideologue Dominic Cummings, Cain was one of the men whom Carrie Symonds, then still Johnson's girlfriend, had enlisted and declared war on. In the midst of a severe confinement, as narrated TheSundayTimes, The communication manager's farewell did not become a proper party until the prime minister appeared: "He said he wanted to say a few words in honor of Lee, and began to fill the glasses of those present and drink himself," he said. to the newspaper one of the witnesses present. It was Johnson, according to the statements collected, who encouraged the staff to join, at a time when indoor gatherings were strictly limited.

The Metropolitan Police is also investigating this event, and fines for direct instigators of such meetings can exceed 12,000 euros. When, at the time, a deputy asked the prime minister if there had been a party in Downing Street on November 13, 2020, the answer was blunt: “No, and I am sure that, whatever happened, they were respected in current standards at all times,” Johnson said.

On May 5, up to 5,000 municipal positions will be put into play. Two recent surveys, carried out at the beginning of April by demographic companies Electoral Calculus Y FindOutNow, agree in pointing out that the Conservatives could lose more than 800 representatives in these elections that would pass into Labor hands. If these results are extrapolated to a general election, the party led by Starmer could win a majority in the Westminster Parliament. Conservative deputies, willing this week to save Johnson's skin, will rethink their position after verifying the effective electoral damage caused by the party scandal.

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