The Brazilian soccer player Pedrinho would have been accused of physically assaulting and threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend

At his young age, Pedrinho has had a great career in Brazil.

Photo: Buddha Mendes/Getty Images

The brazilian attacker pedrinhoat the moment loaned to Sao Paulo by Russian Lokomotivhas been charged for his ex-girlfriend of seriously assaulting her and threatening to kill herlocal media reported this Thursday.

Amanda NunesPedrinho's ex-partner, filed a complaint against the footballer last Monday for allegedly gender violence, threat, injury and bodily injuryaccording to the “ge” portal of the Globo group.

In the complaint, he recounted that they argued and that The 23-year-old attacker threw his cell phone at her, ripped the blouse she was wearing and threw her makeup and bag in the trash.

Always according to "ge", Nunes put an end to the relationship and went home, but that same day, Pedrinho called her to eat something and at the meeting they argued again.

She denounced that on that occasion the current Sao Paulo player told her that "she was a whore like her friends" and He threatened him with death, in addition to "punching" and "slapping" him on the face and back.

Immediately afterwards, Nunes affirmed in her testimony that she was taken by her ex-boyfriend to a parking lot and that he He asked to have a sexual relationship, which she refused, at which time the physical attacks were repeated.

According to "ge", at the time of reporting the facts to the Police, Nunes had "visible signs of injury."

Sao Paulo stated in a note released on Wednesday that "took notice" of the complaint against Pedrinho presented by his ex-girlfriend and who "waits and accompanies with maximum attention” the investigation of the authorities.

"The club will never accept any type of aggression against women and, when the case is duly clarified, will take all appropriate measures that are necessary“he added.

Pedro Gabriel Pereira Lopes, better known as Pedrinho, joined Tricolor de Morumbí last January, on loan from Russian Lokomotiv. Since then he has played nine games with the São Paulo team.

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