The Belgian F1 Grand Prix renews until 2025

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The Spa-Francorchamps circuit will continue to be part of the World Championship calendar. Formula 1 until 2025 as headquarters of the Belgian Grand Prix after a contract extension of one more year, as confirmed by the championship organizers.

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The Belgian route has hosted 56 editions of the Belgian Grand Prix since its premiere in 1950 and is presented as the longest on the current calendar with 7,004 km. Spa-Francorchamps is currently one of the classic circuits that survives after the rise of new venues.

In recent years, the circuit has undergone significant development of its infrastructure, increasing its capacity by 10,000 more people through the addition of two new grandstands. Furthermore, the Belgian Grand Prix This year it registered an attendance of 380 thousand people throughout the weekend, which represented an increase of 20 thousand compared to 2022.

"Spa is synonymous with Formula 1 "as it was one of the circuits of our first season and is very loved by both fans and drivers, so I am delighted to extend our relationship with them until 2025," he said. Stefano Domenicalipresident and CEO of Formula 1.

The manager thanked "the promoter and the Government of Wallonia for their continued support", and recalled that the race organizer "has taken great steps in recent years to improve the experience and infrastructure of the fans" and that " "Work is ongoing between all stakeholders with a clear focus on delivering safe and exciting racing."

For its part, Willy Borsus, vice president and Minister of Economy of Wallonia, highlighted that, "beyond prestige", this event brings "a considerable economic impact" to the region and the country. "According to a study carried out in 2021, the Grand Prix generates benefits of 41.8 million euros for our region. These figures are a solid indication of the financial impact and we can expect even more positive results this year," he stressed.


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