The appointment of the Rector puts Autonomy first

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Fernando A. Mora Guillén.

  • The appointment of the Rector puts Autonomy first.
  • Tribune of Campeche denounces authoritarianism and persecution before the IAPA.
  • The Fernando Mora Gómez Foundation condemns the risks to journalism in Mexico.

This Thursday The Governing Board of the National Autonomous University of Mexico announced the appointment of Doctor in Economics Leonardo Lomelí, as the new Rector of the university; a 100% UNAM profile, who had been serving as General Secretary of the University, and in his first message he highlighted that there will be continuity in some programs and projects; However, for the good of the University, it will undertake some necessary changes for the times we live in, and the technological advances that establish new challenges in the study every day.

The Rector pointed out that the National University will continue the legal procedure against Minister Yasmín Esquivel, until the final consequences are reached.

Leonardo Lomelí is perceived as a happy medium between conservatism and the left, so an important advance is expected for the highest house of studies.

Take it carefully.- Within the framework of the 79th General Assembly of the Inter-American Press Association, this Friday In the name and representation of Tribuna de Campeche, I present a complaint to the members of the organization that for three decades has dedicated itself to evaluating the state in which Freedom of Expression and Journalism are exercised in the Region.

Through a letter with legal basis, the directors of Tribuna de Campeche point out that for two years they have been victims of the Government headed by Layda Elena Sansores San Roman, who seeks to limit freedom of expression and journalistic practice.

Sansores San Roman, with luxury of power, has directed fiscal harassment at the media; At the same time, he instructs the Electoral Institute of the State of Campeche to apply sanctions and initiate procedures for each accusation against the president, even in publications by Information Agencies outside the media.

Since Jaguar Tuesday, the president has launched accusations to discredit the media, which violates and polarizes the country's society.

By presenting the Chapultepec Declaration, the Inter-American Press Association has pointed out the serious risk of journalistic practice in Mexico, where the media are singled out and criticized by all levels of Government.

Take it with interest.- Over the course of three decades, our country has experienced the most serious scenario for journalistic practice in the region.

In 2022, Mexico ranked first in attacks and deaths of Journalists and Communicators, surpassing Ukraine, which has been at war for a year.

The same government agencies, the Mechanism for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders and Journalists, and the Specialized Prosecutor's Office for crimes against Freedom of Expression, are orchestrated by State and Municipal agencies, which are part of the State itself.

In the last 30 years, State and Municipal authorities have been responsible for more than half of the attacks on Journalists and Communicators.


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