The anti-national reform is still alive: director of the CFE

The anti national reform is still alive: director of the CFE
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Given the opposition's criticism of the management of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) In this six-year term, its director, Manuel Bartlett Díaz, He told the deputies that it is a company that they should take care of because the privatization reform “is still there.”

At the end of the almost four-hour appearance before legislators from the Energy and Infrastructure commissions, the official alerted the representatives of Morena and allied parties that in the immediate future there will be attempts to return to the model derived from the 2014 constitutional reform.

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He criticized former presidents Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderón, the former head of the CFE, Alfredo Elías Ayub, and the former Secretary of Energy, Georgina Kessell, whom he accused of having sought to hand over the Commission to foreign interests.

With that same statement, he rebuked the opposition parliamentarians who criticized the parastatal's financial management, alleged blackouts in different cities and regions of the Republic, the limitations to take advantage of the new economic opportunities in North America and the generation of polluting energy.

We are trying, with the support of the president and his guidelines, to carry out a constitutional reform to recover the control that foreign interests have in the company today; "We were not looking for a monopoly, on the contrary, we were looking for a system with private participation, but under the control of Mexicans," said Bartlett, alluding to the presidential initiative that did not materialize in the first quarter of 2022.

Later, in reference to the 2014 reform that in this six-year term was limited by the suspension of contracts with private producers and various measures by the Ministry of Energy and the Energy Regulatory Commission, the head of the CFE warned:

There is the reform, still alive, there it is. And the attacks are going to continue, in the next (legislative) period; There they are, they are going to insist again that the CFE must disappear and foreign interests be enthroned."

The federal official presented the same message within the framework of the gloss of the fifth government report when he made his first presentation before the deputies.

After describing the mechanisms that, according to what he said, through COFECE, economic competition courts and tribunals and the media built a “perverse scenario” to impose foreign interests, the director of the CFE celebrated the fact that despite all “the rescue ordered by the president has been undertaken, thanks to his extraordinary social strength; “We have managed to overcome the trap.”

Although Bartlett Díaz warned that the 2014 reform persists, he said he was sure that the opposition parties “are going to die” because “they are nothing anymore” and “they lack a social project.”

From his initial intervention, he asked legislators not to forget that “the attacks and ambitions around CFE are still valid; the anti-national and foreignizing energy reform is still alive; also oligarchic interests, with their ambitions to take over electricity as a transnational private business.”

He maintained that the CFE is ready to adequately serve all investors interested in settling in our country, pointing out that the statements made by the media and specialists who repeat that the company is an obstacle for Mexico to take advantage of "nearshoring" are false.

Fake. CFE, without a doubt, is the great facilitator for his arrival,” he remarked.

He exemplified that another example of what he considered daily slander against CFE is the statement that it is a bottomless barrel.

Nothing more false. The CFE is financially stronger than ever. It has higher own revenues, compared to any national company; above consortia such as América Móvil, Grupo Bal or CEMEX,” he alleged.

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